Witch hunt witch hunt

If we reincorporated the Bible back into our society and used it as the basis for our laws, there would be fewer witches in America.

Now, what I’m about to say may sound very controversial to some people, but I don’t think that we should hang witches. I think that we should convert them to Christianity. Some witches are so much into their witchcraft, it’s gonna take some real effort and extreme measures. But I don’t think that we should hurt witches or kill them.

Either way, if the Bible had more of a presence in America, and everyone read the Bible more, the words from the Bible, almost like magic, would make witches give up their magic. Because what witchcraft tries to do is affect nature in some mystical, magical way. But you know what? God is in charge of nature. He can supernaturally do things. Like destroy a whole city because of the sin of homosexuality. He can make fire and brimstone rain down. That’s the power of God’s Word.

Some people are dead against the Bible, and they think that the Bible is the basis for going on a witch hunt. So they reject the Bible. But as I’ve said before, I’m going to say again right now. When you reject God’s wisdom, and you find something else, God will give you over to that. It’s foolishness. And in following that, you will ironically prove God’s wisdom.

Now for those of who say, “Let’s not read the Bible lest we go on witch hunts,” you go on witch hunts all the time. You go on witch hunt witch hunts. Thinking that anyone who expresses ideas contrary to the accepted norm, why those are stone-aged barbarians, and you want to hang them. Do you see the irony? You’re on a witch hunt witch hunt.

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