Why the Hobby Lobby ruling is not a Good Thing.

The Supreme Court ruling on Hobby Lobby is not such a good thing. They decided that Obamacare could not force a closely held corporation to pay for abortive birth control measures that violated the ownership’s religious beliefs. While it’s immediately good for Hobby Lobby, there’s some serious problems only amplified by this ruling.

First, abortion is wrong. NOBODY should be required to pay for abortions or anything that ends a pregnancy. The structure of the business’s ownership doesn’t alter the immoral nature or abortion.

Right now, Hobby Lobby fits the description for a closely held corporation. So if the owners take the company public, will Hobby Lobby no longer have the protection just granted by the Supreme Court? And if Hobby Lobby got on the NYSE then grew to the size of a Blue Chip, do their earnings become Obama’s slush fund for killing babies?

This leads to the next problem with the ruling where we delve into the depths of America’s evil heart: making someone else pay the costs of your crime. Employees of Hobby Lobby do not lack access to the abortive drugs. What’s in question is whether Hobby Lobby must foot the bill.

And President Obama’s insists that they pay. When they refuse, he acts like they are oppressing their employees. The demonic mob of Democrat voters pronounce curse upon curse against Hobby Lobby, accusing them of hating women. But even if it were true that allowing a woman to kill her baby is love, Hobby Lobby is not denying them the opportunity to murder. They just don’t want to pay for the bullets!

That shows you who Obama’s father is. He’s not satisfied with just death. He needs theft to go along with it. And destruction? Without people a nation is destroyed, and abortion makes fewer people.

Open your eyes to the fact the Obama won reelection by accusing Romney of denying woman access to birth control.

The final problem with the ruling is the worst. It accepts the premise that the objections to abortive measures are religious, as if it were intellectually on the same level as Hindus not eating beef.

No, as I said, abortion is wrong. Nobody should pay for abortions. No company, no matter it’s corporate governance, should pay for it’s employees’ abortions. No employee should pay for her own abortions. The right to abortion should not exist.

The freedom of religion is the tragic flaw of the United States Constitution. It’s so vaguely defined that rulings like this set the stage for the unusual beliefs of strange religions to subvert the stability of our nation. Get ready for a closely held company owned by Muslims to offer Female Genital Mutilation paid for by Obamacare.

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