Who do Atheists thank on Thanksgiving?

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Fairness is a warped sense of justice. (image via)

Who do atheists thank on Thanksgiving? Someone asked me that and actually I kinda answered that in my post, Okay, you’re thankful, but to whom?

Without God, Thanksgiving is an absurd holiday.

Thank is a transitive verb. It needs a direct object. When you list what your thankful for, but don’t say to whom, it’s an incomplete sentence and incomplete idea.

Do you thank yourself? That’s stupid. Everyone is going to think you’re a narcissistic jerk. I’m not sure you can thank yourself. I mean, at that point it’s not thanking, it’s gloating.

The holiday isn’t Gloatsgiving.

Do you just thank the randomness of the universe? Here’s where it really gets absurd. The universe is not a person. Therefore, there is no recompense for you offering it thanksgiving or not. It does nothing.

As humans, we have an innate sense of justice. Thanksgiving offered to our deity shows our gratitude and acts as propitiation.

Some atheists reading this right now are probly like, “Jimmy, we don’t need God. We thank other people.”

Okay, okay. So, you’re thankful towards people who’ve been kind to you. And you perform acts of kindness toward others who are thankful to you. So these mutual acts of kindness and thanksgiving keep a scale balanced. This scale is the unavoidable scale of the human mind: justice.

Anthropologist will tell you about all the different harvest festivals in different cultures all throughout time. In all these celebrations, the people thanked their God. But really they were trying to keep their god, spirits, or higher-powers happy. That’s propitiation.

It all stems from our sense of justice.

The fact that we here in the United States of America can have a holiday featuring thanks but we do not publicly offer thanks to our God shows that our sense of Justice is severely warped.

We’re doomed.

So you atheists think you can get away with a thankful holiday just by thanking people? But what makes American people different? It’s that our innate sense of Justice has been honed by the Christian Bible and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Take for example the fact that many people thank our armed forces on thanksgiving. That’s great! I also thank them for their sacrifices.

But here’s the thing: every nation has an armed forces. There would be no nation without warfare.

The wild success our country enjoys stems from the physical security offered by our superior firepower. And that firepower is guided by Christian principles, which exalt justice to the highest level.

What other country has fought to free the whole world from tyranny, then rehabilitated their opponents? Warfare is usually wielded for subjugation and tribute.

But something is different about the United States of America, and it all comes back to our country’s hometown, Plymouth, Massachusetts. The first Thanksgiving of our country was offered up by a colony of Christians whose thinking laid the foundation for everything that’s good about our country.

Right now athesists are raving mad and foaming at the mouth. They’re like, “Thanksgiving was a crime against the Native American Indians! White man invaded this continent and stole land that rightfully belonged to the Indians!”

Oh, really? The land rightfully belonged to the Indians? Rightfully? By what standard?

The Indians claimed the lands of the Massachusetts bay?

Okay. So did the King of England!

The United Kingdom was a soverign nation. That means there is no other institution above it. The King answers to God. And he gave a charter to the Pilgrims of Plymouth Plantation. They took control of that land legally.

The atheists are even angrier now and they’re like, “But the Indians were there first!”

Oh, so you’re the arbiter of rightful land ownership? The standard is who was there first? Okay, which Indian tribe legally owned the land now known as Plymouth? Was is the Pawtuxet? Or the Wampanoag? Or the Algonquin?

Do me a favor and read up on your Native American Indian history. They all claimed land from each other. They went to war for hunting rights over certain areas.

But you are now claiming these lands for the displaced Indians. Great. What human being was the very first human being to set foot on American soil? Go find him and his exact tribe and tell them this entire continent is theirs.

But here’s the thing, atheists. When you accuse the Pilgrims of wrongdoing when the colonized the Americas, you’re appealing to a higher standard of justice.

Who enforces that standard?

If there is no God, who evens that scale that you think was tipped way out of balance? Do you?

I think a better question is can you?

What started nearly 400 years ago in Plymouth has spread from sea to shining sea. And no cosmic force representing your standard of justice has punished us yet. For you, there is no justice unless you can punish America for taking this land from the Indians.

Right now some atheists are like, “Jimmy, you’ll see how it feels to have your land taken from you when millions of brown-skinned undocumented immigrants come here!”

Yup. You proved both my points. First that your sense of justice is warped. Second, the United States of America is doomed because we didn’t thank God this Thanksgiving.

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