What Will Happen When ISIS Beheads Americans In America?

What happens when ISIS starts beheading Americans in America? Answer: The same thing that happened when ISIS beheaded Americans abroad. Nothing.

When the Islamic State in America (ISA) stages a public beheading in an American city, our government will put yellow tape around the scene and investigate. Then do nothing.

Sure, there will be a massive outcry from the American people. Sure, the news media will go wall-to-wall with coverage. Then everyone will move on.

Right now some people are like, “No way, Jimmy! If ISIS did a beheading in America we’d all get our guns and fight!”

Really?! Say, are you a Christian?

And they’re like, “Uhh… yea. Why?”

Do you know what they call a Christian who fights on behalf of the weak against Musilims? A knight.

Do you modern American Christians want to rethink how you disassociate yourself from Middle Age knights? I think America desperately needs a new code of chivalry right now.

But anyways, regarding fighting ISIS after they mobilize on American soil, I have another question. What will happen when American citizens take up arms against ISIS?

Here’s the shocking answer. The same American government who did nothing to stop ISIS would come down hard on Americans fighting ISIS. They will call us vigilantes.

It hurts me to say this, but you know it’s true. The same weapons of the US government that will not open fire against ISIS will open fire against American citizens who open fire on ISIS.

ISIS is the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. ISA is the Islamic State in America. Get used to seeing their flag. It will wave in all the public places where the Stars and Stripes is not allowed because it offends.

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