What Happens When Isis Gets Fighter Jets?

Guys, I got a couple questions. Do fighter pilots wear boots? And what happens when ISIS gets fighter jets?

The reason I ask this is because when ISIS began its Islamic conquest, President Barack Obama dismissed them as the Junior-Varsity team. He ruled out military action. He said, “We will not put boots on the ground.”

Then as ISIS gained a major foothold, the world’s attention turned to its horrific violence and genocide. Obama was forced to do something. So he sent some American military advisers into Iraq. His motivation was simply to maintain an appearance of leadership. He doesn’t care about Justice.

Then a reporter accidentally asked an honest question. “Do these advisers count as boots on the ground?”

“No, no, no. He meant combat boots on the ground. These advisors wear advisors boots,” to paraphrase Obama spokesmen.

The distinction was important to Obama because Obama is a liberal. He does not believe in evil, so ISIS is not evil. They are just misunderstood. What’s evil to a liberal is war. And combat boots imply war.

So Obama’s battle is not to confront and destroy ISIS, who are evil. Obama’s battle is avoid war. America cannot put combat boots on the ground unless Obama admits defeat on his war against war.

In a War Against War, War Wins.

The first setback in Obama’s war against war is that ISIS killers ran unchecked without some sort of physical military action. So Obama insisted Iraqis fight against ISIS. Wow! What bold leadership! But his mere insistence didn’t motivate Iraqi security forces to charge into battle.

The onus fell on us, so Obama ordered American aircraft to strike ISIS targets on the ground.

So that leads to my first question. What kind of boots do fighter pilots wear? Should I rent Top Gun and look at Tom Cruise’s feet? I think they are black leather boots. Yet somehow these are not combat boots to Obama.

How does Obama have no qualms about ordering airstrikes yet insist we are not engaging in combat? Is it just because the pilots’ boots don’t touch the ground?

No. It’s because the superiority of American airpower renders casualties unlikely. President Birth Control hates risk. Airstrikes allow Obama to do something militarily against ISIS without risking responsibility for casualties.

Just like Pontius Pilot said, “Hey, I don’t want blood on my hands,” Obama performs some mental gymnastics to absolve himself from the responsibility of blood.

Does he actually stop the bloodshed? NO! There is blood flowing in the streets of Mosul. There is blood of Christians crying out to God in the sands of the desert. Obama cannot have any war blood on his hands.

To stop the evil bloodshed in Iraq, we’d need to use our military might. But you liberals gnash your teeth at me for saying that. I’m the bad guy for suggesting war. Not ISIS for waging it.

So that leads me to the next question. What happens when ISIS gets fighter jets? Now I know our Air Force is light years beyond anyone else. However, just to have suicidal Muslims flying Mach 3 poses a threat to our jets. That threat means risk to our airmen.

Again, I doubt that ISIS jets would land a single bullet on an American aircraft. But just to have a Jihadi engage an American in a dogfight would transform that American pilot’s boots into combat boots.

And what would Obama do then? The Nobel Peace Prize winner will have ordered military action that resulted in war.

Look, I don’t want ISIS to get fighter jets. That’s why we need to annihilate them now. The problem is Obama will avoid war until we are annihilated.

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