Water on Mars! Yawn. Science is stupid.

Icy Penitents by Moonlight

“Icy Penitents on Chajnantor” by ESO/B. Tafreshi –  From Earth’s Atacama Desert, know for its Mars-like conditions.

Drudge carried a headline post Nasa scientists find evidence of flowing water on Mars this morning. And this is big news to the Science worshiping crowd. I’m just like, “Yea. So?”

Comets have ice on them. One of Jupiter’s moons, Europa, is thought to be covered in ice. Water is a pretty basic substance made from elements common throughout the universe. Why is NASA treating this news like some earth-shattering revelation?

I think it shows how stupid science is.

Think about it. Science looks at close up pictures of Mars’s surface and it sees remnants of rivulets in the dust. Okay. Did science put the water there? No.

Was the water there last week? Yes. Did we know about it last week? No. But last week we were all ignorant to this water on Mars. Last week science hadn’t enlightened us yet with a grandiose press conference. Last week we were stupid!

That’s what I’m saying. All science proves is how stupid we are.

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