Volkswagen emissions scandal? More like Volkswagen emissions victory!

Volkswagen Emissions Scandal

Guys, guess where I was when I heard that Volkswagen got busted cheating the emissions test. Get ready. It’s ironic. I was on the side of the highway in a Peterbilt whose own diesel emissions system had malfunctioned.

Yup. While driving east on I-10 in Texas toward Sonora, the Diesel Particulate Filter on this Pete threw a code. And on a section of hilly road where the speed limit is 80 mph, the computer derated the engine. That means the computer limited its top speed at 60 mph.

Guys, the emissions junk on diesel trucks now-a-days infuriates me. I burn with anger at the Diesel Particulate Filters, the Exhaust Gas Recirculators, Diesel Exhaust Fluid, and Ultra-low Sulfer Diesel.

All of these things are actually bad for the environment. Yes, bad! They pollute worse than a regular diesel would without all those add-ons.

Furthermore, they always break down. ALWAYS!

It’s not if, it’s when.

And when for me was yesterday evening at mile marker 350 on I-10 in Texas. Tomorrow is another day that some environmental gadget on the Peterbilt might go haywire.

These emissions things turn powerful diesel trucks into giant paperweights.

And so every time I’ve dealt with the nightmare of emissions systems breakdowns, (which is often) I wished that the engine manufacturers and truck companies would make it easy to turn off these pesky systems.

You know, they could pay lip service to the federal government and claim to follow their dumb rules. But when you buy the truck they could be all wink wink, nudge nudge.

“Psst, look at this secret switch under the dash. Turn it off when you drive, and remember to turn it back on if you get hit with an emissions test.”

Volkswagen pretty much did that.

But one better. There’s no switch you need to hit!

When they plug in the test at the inspection place, the onboard computer went into a different mode that met the EPA standards.

But normally those stupid smog rules are ignored as the Volkswagen diesels roared down the road.

You won’t believe this, but just the other day this guy at work was raving about driving a VW diesel around Midland. He said the thing flat out burned rubber. Hammer down and the thing rocketed to 100 mph. It was his old boss’s. He went on about how awesome it was.

That’s what people want. A powerful diesel car or truck.

Here’s the stupid part

The Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn apologized for cheating! He should laugh! And we should applaud him.

From the AP article entitled Volkswagen sets aside $7.3 billion over emissions scandal:

In a statement, the German company said it was setting aside around 6.5 billion euros ($7.3 billion) to cover the fallout from the scandal that is tarnishing VW’s reputation for probity and seriously undermining its share price. There was no mention of any fines or penalties.

Tarnish its reputation?! This is the best advertisement for VW diesels ever! They actually work! Their resale value will skyrocket!

Watch craigslist and other car selling websites. The description of VW diesels will mention the smog busting cheat codes as a selling point.

CEO Winkerton shouldn’t promise to fix the cheat code. He should promise his customers that he’ll write another work around to fool the United States Federal Government.

These smog rules are stupid and arbitrary. The problem is that no one stands up to the bullies at the EPA. Volkswagen is missing its opportunity to be the Rosa Parks of performance diesel engines.

I wish Caterpillar had made emissions cheat codes for my Peterbilt!

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