The Tragedy in Boston

The tragedy in Boston.

Today the warm spring winds rustled the newly sprouted buds on the trees. Bostonians would normally enjoy this sound after a long winter. Yet the constant backdrop of sirens spoiled its sweetness as countless emergency vehicles sped down our roads. Boston and its surrounding communities are on lock down. Residents are warned to avoid travel. Businesses are advised to stay closed. Families in Watertown cannot even leave their houses.

If you did travel this morning, you could hardly even get into the left lane of the highway. A constant stream of Police cars, police trucks, and police motorcycles from surrounding departments kept pouring into town, treating the left lane like their own 90 mph HOV lane.

When my wife saw the military style vehicles on the news, she incredulously asked where they even park these monsters. Who knew Massachusetts owned these trucks? (I did. Massachusetts is actually on the forefront of designing and manufacturing many of these weapon technologies.)

All this, and just yesterday President Barack Obama swooped into town for an interfaith healing service. Can you believe it? Just yesterday! To compare the vainglory of yesterday with the sober, martial environment of today, I just marvel about how idiotic Obama is.

And not just idiotic. Hapless. As I type this, I hear on the radio that the suspects’ Cambridge apartment was a bomb factory. If these guys evaded the Marathon’s bomb detection, why did Obama think that his Secret Service could thwart them?

When Obama landed, the FBI did not have the identities of the suspects confirmed. They were still at large. The FBI didn’t know how many were involved with them. What was Obama thinking to even come to Boston and divert our attention away from apprehending the terrorists?

He was thinking it was his job to defy the fear of terrorists. He was thinking it was his job to ramble on like a black preacher and tell us we shall run again. He was thinking it was his job to inspire us.

Oh, how cute. But that’s not his job. He’s not the nation’s chief inspirative. He’s the country’s chief executive. His job is to execute the laws congress enacts. His job is to execute judgement against criminals. His job is to execute our nation’s enemies. His job is to capture and execute the Boston Bombers.

“One who is slack in his work
is brother to one who destroys.” Proverbs 18:9

Speaking of idiocy, an interfaith service is idiotic in itself. Can we really sit down and pray in a house of worship with Islam’s followers? No. To deny America’s enemies are Musilm is a delusion. It’s a tragic delusion.

The bombings in Boston were not a tragedy. The bombings were an atrocity. The tragedy was the interfaith healing service.

The bombers were not insane. They were evil. The insane are the liberals who repeatedly refuse to acknowledge our Muslim enemies.

The tragedy of Boston is liberalism. The insane are Boston’s liberal Governor, Senators, and President. The insane liberals allowed Muslim terrorists into our country to begin with.

Remember what I say. A liberal misunderstands the nature of God and is disconnected from reality. God commands us to execute judgement against the lawless. Liberals want to excuse laws, lest they be judgmental.

It is not good to be partial to the wicked
and so deprive the innocent of justice.” (Proverbs 18:5)

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