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(Note: Here’s another post from the drafts folder. I think I wrote this in 2012. I lived in Boston and reference the Bible by page number.)

Every year, for as long as I can remember, there’s some Christian preacher or another who says, “This is New England. This is where the Great Awakening started. There’s gonna be a revival. This summer! Starting July 31. Tickets are just $10.”

Every summer. The revival, The next Great Awakening, is going to happen. And it’s going to start in New England, just like it did before.

I’m old enough to have learned history before it was revised. And I can tell you that the preachers who brought around the first Great Awakening were those Puritan Pilgrim preachers who were obsessed with God’s wisdom. We do not preach God’s wisdom from the pulpits in the churches of America, especially in the pulpits in the churches of New England.

God’s wisdom doesn’t save you. But God’s wisdom cultivates the ground in which the seed of the Gospel will land and grow and bear fruit. I believe this. That seed, the Gospel, is the same today as it was during the Acts of the Apostles. “Repent and believe in Jesus, and you will be saved.”

Revival or Riot?

Those were the words preached by Philip the Deacon, and he preached that message to revivals. (Bible, page 699) He preached the message to the Ethiopian eunuch. That eunuch insisted on being baptized right away. That’s a revival. And that started a huge church in Ethiopia.

Stephen preached that same message to the Sanhedrin. Same exact message. These people weren’t obsessed with God’s wisdom. They didn’t look deeply into God’s words. What was their response? Riot. (read the Bible, page 589)

That same message that Philip brought to Ethiopia, met with revival. That same message that Stephen brought to the Sanhedrin led to his martyrdom. It caused a riot.

Revival or riot? It’s not for you to decide. But the message is the same either way. If you want a revival, then you need to be obsessed with God’s wisdom like the Puritan preachers in New England back in the day.

No Revival without Obedience

Nowadays you can share God’s wisdom but the people who are listening will stroke their beards, tap their lips with their finger, and say, “Hm. That’s interesting.” That’s interesting. You think wisdom who was there counseling Jesus as he created the earth is here to simply amuse you?

Everyone’s praying for revival. They want something extra, something special. But Jesus Christ Himself said, “If you cannot be trusted with a little, you cannot be trusted with a lot.” (Bible, page 510) And there are little verses and little principles throughout the Bible that altogether we ignore. And your unwillingness to preach them means them that the soil is uncultivated, and the seed does not take root, and the seed does not grow.

All you can do is plant seeds and water them. And by water, I mean God’s wisdom. That’s cultivating the soil.

Right now a lot of people are like, “Jimmy, that’s not true. I love God’s wisdom. I will preach God’s wisdom. I read God’s wisdom.”

No you won’t. Don’t be an idiot.


The Bible says clearly, with black letters on a white page, “Circumcision is of no value.” (Bible, page 771) In fact, Paul the Apostle said, “Brothers and sisters, if I am still preaching circumcision, why am I still being persecuted? In that case the offense of the cross has been abolished. As for those agitators, I wish they would go the whole way and emasculate themselves!” (Bible, page 771)

The circumcision in the Bible, even in the New Testament, is talking about one man circumcising his own penis. His OWN penis. Circumcision in America today, is mothers insisting on circumcising their infant sons’ penises.

Black letters on a white page. Circumcision is of no value. If you cared about God’s wisdom, you would warn members of your church to not circumcise their baby boys. And you would enact laws out of the cause of human rights to insist that doctors do not circumcise baby boys who have not given their consent. You need to be 18 years or older to go through the rite of circumcision, if you cared about God’s wisdom.


The Bible says, “The borrower is slave to the lender.” (Bible, page 542) Yet there are churches that have mortgages! This is NOT God’s wisdom. And the fact that you are burning up with anger when I say that shows you that you have been listening to the teachings of demons. Yes, I said the teachings of demons. Demons teach whatever is contrary to God’s word.


The Bible says that all food that God created is good, and can be eaten guilt free if you give thanks to God when eating it. (Bible, page 789) Are you willing to preach out against the folly of health food? No. No, that type of message should not come from the pulpit. No, you’re right, God’s word should not be read or taught from the pulpit. And you wonder why there’s no revival. And you wonder why every summer, you think the revival’s going to start, and when it doesn’t start, you say, like the Buffalo Bills, there’s always next year.

Green Technologies

The Bible says that God is going to destroy the earth. The folly of today says that we need to save it. And if you go along with green technologies you have no respect for God’s wisdom. And the fact that you’re angry at me for saying this shows you exactly why that revival, that’s going to start in New England, not this summer, next summer. Okay, next summer we’ll start this revival process over again.


How about women? Science teaches us that there’s no difference between men and women. The wisdom of the Bible says, yes, there’s a big difference! They were created differently. (read the Bible, page 2) Man was created out of the dust of the earth, and God breathed life into him. Woman was created from Adam’s side. That’s a pretty big difference. Science would tell us there’s no difference. You can look at women and see their breasts. But that’s not different. Studies suggest that some men have breasts too!

God’s wisdom says that women should keep silent in church. They are not permitted to speak. (Bible, page 698) God’s wisdom says that a woman should not have authority over a man. She should not teach a man at church. (Bible, page 742) Are you willing to preach that from the pulpit? No, no you’re not. And that’s why we’re gonna have a Buffalo Bills revival next year.

This really bothers some people. God’s wisdom says that women’s testimony comes from having children and managing her household. (Bible, page 768) Are you willing to tell the parishioners at your church that your daughters? It’s right there in God’s word. You’re not willing to preach that. You’re going to have a Buffalo Bills revival. Next year.

Let’s just set the date right now. Next summer. July 31. That’s when the revival’s going to start in New England. Tickets on sale now, just $10.

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