They arrested Kim Davis with Words.

Guys, last night I asked a question, How did they arrest Kim Davis? I wanted to know if they used physical force, such as SWAT teams and handcuffs, or if they used verbal commands.

I did a little research, and there’s only one thing I can say. I PREDICTED THIS!

Taken from yesterday’s article, Kim Davis stands firm on same-sex marriage; the Kentucky clerk stays in jail, this quote discusses Kim Davis standing before Judge Bunning who issued a jail sentence:

Bunning said he, too, was religious, but he explained that when he took his oath to become a judge, that oath trumped his personal beliefs, the station reported.

“Her good faith belief is simply not a viable defense,” Bunning said.

Davis thanked the judge for his ruling, according to WKYT. She was not placed in handcuffs, but a U.S. marshal led her out of the courtroom.

Celebrations and protests erupted outside the courthouse in Ashland when those who attended the hearing exited the courtroom with news of the decision. Chants of “Love won! Love won!” filled the air.

We’re going to analyze everything in this quote, but I put the pertinent detail in bold, “She was not placed in handcuffs.” So let’s think about this first.

The judge’s will was for Mrs. Davis to go to jail. So he spoke words to that effect and slammed the gavel down.

And then what happened? Did Mrs. Davis snarl and say, “You’ll never catch me alive copper! Yea, ya’ see?!” then whip out a tommy gun, open fire and dash for a get away car? Did the bailiff need to pound her with a billy club until she was in hand cuffs and ankle cuffs?

No. The answer to these questions is no.

She did not respond with defiant actions. She responded with gracious words. As the CNN article said, “Davis thanked the judge for his ruling.”

The New American Barbarians want you to think that county clerk Kim Davis is a lawless criminal. So let me ask you, what type of criminal do you escort to jail without handcuffs?

You see, Kim Davis regards the written law and spoken commands from authority figures. Words. The judge commanded her to go to jail. She complied.

Where were her handcuffs? I hear all these godless liberals say how Mrs. Davis doesn’t regard the rule of law. Okay, then why did the US Marshal not need to cuff her?

And if you liberals really believed in the rule of law, then every gay marriage in California before the Supreme Court ruling should be voided. But no, those gay marriages made in defiance of California’s Proposition 8 somehow don’t defy the rule of law. (Another instance of Will over Word.)

Verbal Handcuffs.

This allegedly hate-filled antigay criminal went from the courthouse to the jailhouse restrained merely by words that came from the mouth of the judge. This was a de facto exoneration.

I know what some of you are thinking. You’re like, “Jimmy, lots of people convicted of white-collar crimes report to prison of their own. She probly knew she couldn’t run anywhere.”

Okay. But here’s the thing. When I read this article I linked above, I was struck by how that want to make her do things. Like, uhh, they want to command her to do stuff, you know?

So I haven’t really developed this last point. I will try to tomorrow. There’s some other things in this story that are worth mentioning. Two of them are in this quote above that I didn’t get to today.

Hey, stop by tomorrow to see if I can explain this more. Thanks, guys.

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