Stroke Your Chin with Me

There are some seminarians and students of theology, who look at what I’m saying on, and they ridicule me. They say, “Jimmy, you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

You’re right, I don’t know what I’m talking about. But I know WHO I’m talking about. Who I’m talking about is Jesus.

What you eat doesn’t matter. God’s going to destroy your stomach, the food you eat, and your body. More important than what you eat is who you know: Jesus.

These seminary students and theologians scoff at me. “Jimmy, you haven’t read the work of this philosopher. You haven’t read the work of this theologian. Where does what you believe fit in?”

I don’t know. I cheat. I read the Bible. I get it directly from God in the Bible. These theologians are like, “What? How can you say that? Are you against theology?”

There are scientists — people who are officially trained and licensed to practice science — who have spent hours in the lab, and studying other people’s work in the lab. They stroke their chins thinking of new theories, and stroking other people’s chins for their theories. They listen to what I have to say about science. Namely: Science is a fallacy. They say, “Jimmy, you don’t know what you’re talking about. You haven’t done the lab work I have. You haven’t done the studying I have, or that my peers have.”

No, I haven’t. I’m too stupid to know that I shouldn’t say what I’m saying. But I cheat. I read the Bible. I don’t read your lab work.

The theologian, the philosopher, and the scientist. They go to the same academic institution. At lunch they go to the same cafeteria. They get the same tray and pile it on with the same health food. They sit down and eat, and talk about their newfound knowledge. They talk about how they strive to attain some sense of higher wisdom. Me? I’m an idiot. I’m outside of that college cafeteria. And they laugh at me, wondering how I can be so simple.

Well it’s true, I don’t know your science theory. I don’t know your theological masterpiece. And they ask me, “Jimmy, are you against theology? Jimmy, are you against science?”

Well, when it comes to theology, is it more important to know theology, or to know God? When it comes to science, is it more important to study creation, or to know the Creator? What’s more important, being a sexologist, or having sex? What would you rather have? What’s more important, being a nutritionist, or eating? Would you rather be an economist, and know all about micro and macroeconomics, or be filthy rich? Would you rather have a Ph.D. in economics or a billion dollars?

This is what I’m asking you. I’m asking every theologian, I’m asking every scientist. What would you rather have? Because in the words of my creator, in the words of my God, in the words of my Savior Jesus Christ, “What good is it to gain the whole world, and yet lose your very soul?” (Bible, page 744)

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