The Wicked Love to Smash Windows

The wicked love glass because they are lazy. It’s hard to break a brick wall. But it’s easy to smash a window.

Smashing a window produces instant dramatic results. Plus the shattering sound produces a visceral tingle in their animalistic mind.

The wicked smash windows as a warning. They would smash down the walls if they could. But since that would require lots of hard physical work they’re content to just smash a window.

Furthermore, how could a mob tear down a wall? That would require a division of labor and supervisors. They mob would disperse as soon as someone says, “hey, this is just like work.”

The wicked love to smash windows. But they cannot destroy the foundation. That’s why Obama smashes the fragile things in our American life. And he scoffs as we spend the next day cleaning his mess.

The wicked love to smash windows but cannot move the foundation. That’s why they burn the American flag but do not lay a finger on a US Marine.

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