The Problem with Public Schools


The problem with public schools is liberals who turn footnotes of American history into whole chapters.

The problem with public schools is the same problem with all America. Liberals. In fact, America’s church suffers a severe liberal infestation too. When I say liberals I mean people who misunderstand the nature of God and are disconnected from reality. The root of liberalism is ignorance.

To uproot the ignorance of liberals, let’s overhaul the American public education system. First, American students need to learn about God. Second, studying history begins an education about reality that life experience will continue.

Right now some people are like, “Jimmy, you cannot teach kids about God in school. SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STAAAAAAAAAAAAATE!”

Well, okay, THANKS for proving my POINT! Early American students were taught to read English from the Bible in public schools before the ink on the constitution even dried. You liberals would know that factoid if you studied history. But since you’ve decided to be purposefully ignorant, God sent you the whole way, and you’re delusional now. So delusional, you imagine that the phrase, “separation of church and state,” appears in the Constitution.

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” (Proverbs 1:7)


Learn the ABC’s with the Bible? If a kid brought the New England Primer to school today, he’d be treated as if he brought a toy gun!

All wisdom ultimately originates as a revelation from God. Even if the ungodly posses some knowledge about God’s creation, it’s only because the peace afforded by Providence allows them leisure time to gain it. The pursuit of wisdom therefore demands humility.

A practical benefit of humility is the ability to admit when you are wrong. But liberals lack that virtue because they have exchanged the word of God for lies, a.k.a. Science. (Romans 1:25) Notice the first step in science is to accept the premise there is no God. That sends you on the opposite path of wisdom.

If educators were intellectually honest, they would get on the P.A. system and tell their students that every single thing they have been forcefully teaching about nutrition is wrong. Not just wrong. Dead wrong.

Fat is a nutrient. Salt is a nutrient. Cholesterol is a nutrient.

They can’t do that because in rejecting God, they’ve propped science up as his substitute. They can’t admit that science is wrong about the most basic function of our animal nature: what to eat.

In the liberal educator’s rabid devotion to science, they’ve dedicated more class time and resources to that subject at the expense of history lessons. This amplifies the problem. Kids never get a chance to learn about God or root themselves in reality. The few history lessons they enjoy are edited to reflect liberal ideals rather than reality. That seals our kids’ doom to become spoiled like expired Lunchables in the dumpster behind Stop&Shop.

Consider that if students studied about ancient Rome they might learn that soldiers of the Empire were paid in salt. That’s where the word salary comes from. Nowadays, you can’t teach that because then some kid would ask why Michelle Obama makes them eat low sodium lunches.

Some of yous right now think that this is a cutesy little rant. You don’t understand the severity of the problem. Let’s take a hypothetical journey to Northampton, Massachusetts. Let’s get all the students from kid-garden through high school together and ask them two things.

How many people know who Rosa Parks is? Raise your hand.

How many people know who Jonathan Edwards is? Raise your hand.

Whose name do more kids recognize? Is there any doubt it’s Rosa Parks? Yet she only deserves a footnote on the pages of American history. But in the same town where Jonathan Edwards began his ministry, I doubt that few kids would even recognize his name. Except for college-bound high school juniors who read the opening to “Sinners in the Hand of All Mighty God,” in American literature class but only then as a tedious chore and curiosity of “wow, have times changed?”

Yes. Times have changed. But not for the better. Let’s go down to Plymouth now. (hypothetically) Let’s ask the students the same two questions, but let’s replace Jonathan Edwards with Myles Standish.

Sure, kids will recognize his name from his large, ominous state park, but how many know the significance of Mr. Standish. He lead Plymouth Colony’s militia. Who did they fight against? American Indians. So, POOF, there goes the whole notion that Indians were peace-loving noble savages. And after a thoughtful student asks himself “what’s different between the Pilgrims and us today,” he’d begin to understand why we still need a well regulated militia and the right to bear arms. POOF there goes the false virtue of gun control.

The Problem with Public Schools

Liberals, who for a practical reason reject history on the grounds that kids just memorize meaningless dates and names, encourage kids to instead study science. Yet most of these kids lack the mental strength to process the mathematics needed to truly understand science, thus they are left to memorize meaningless factoids about science and names of scientists.

This last bit of irony explains how Liberal educators build kids into what I call Potemkin Villages of knowledge. They are like trained monkeys meant to rattle off vapid factoids on standardized tests, but about the concepts behind them, they have no clue. Their brains collect knowledge, but they have no wisdom to direct their heart because their education paid no heed to the Lord God Almighty.

It’s nice that little Skylar knows the difference between a colloid mixture and an aqueous solution. That’s nice that little Skylar knows he can’t strain salt out of salt water. Now let me ask your little Skylar if we can take one man and pair him with another man and call marriage. Skylar, does God approve of gay marriage? Did you learn in history class that Massachusetts used to have anti-sodomy laws on the books?

Some of you youngsters missed that last paragraph because you were too busy looking up Potemkin Village on wikipedia.

The only way to see if I’m right about Northampton kids is to actually go there and ask em. Who’s with me?


  1. Mom says:

    The New England Primer (based on a primer used in England) was used in schools (though many children were taught at home) in New England in the colonial period. In the beginning the church and the town government were one in the same. That was the same time period that Unitarianism took hold. Did teaching them conservative Christian doctrines at a young age ensure that most of them would grow up to be conservative believers? It does not appear so. You went to public schools and have a conservative faith. If public schools were to teach religious faith, which religious faith? We may not agree with other religions but our constitution guarantees the freedom to practice whatever faith you want to. Your boys, in your neighborhood, could be getting lessons in Buddhism at the public school. Is this what you want?

    • Thanks for reading and commenting, Mom. I appreciate the hard work of teachers and don’t want to burden them or discourage them. But I also don’t want all their hard work to count for nothing. An education must start with the proper perspective of God which the Bible says is the “fear of the the Lord.” So that would mean a worthwhile education must be Christian.

      No, I wouldn’t want my kids learning Buddhism in school. It’s an inferior way of life. No society practically implements it’s teachings and those that nominally do fail. Why else would all my neighbors emigrate from Asian countries to America?

      The situation of Unitarians proves my point. They deny the true nature of God. That’s the first lame leg of liberalism. Instead of fearing God as revealed to us, Unitarians replace him with nice virtues. Among those virtues is multiculturalism. Which leads to the second lame leg, disconnection from reality. It’s delusional to believe that all societies are equal.

      No one can take an honest look at history or current events and still remain liberal. That’s why liberals edit history curriculum to begin with Rosa Parks and end with Barack Obama. Honestly studying history will also affirm the wisdom and truth of the Bible and therefore the God of the Bible. Schools go to neurotic lengths to close their mind to God that they exclude the Easter Bunny, because even mentioning the word Easter might imply an endorsement of Jesus Christ. People innately know that Christianity is demonstrably superior to all other religions and systems of thought.

      So make sure to subscribe because I have some posts planned to further expound the trap of “freedom of religion.”

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