The Problem with America and Her Church

The problem with America is the same problem with her church. Liberals.

Liberals are not connected to reality. They yearn for a world that does not exist.

They think things like, Government spending stimulates the economy. They think that gun control will reduce violence. And that abortion is a form of compassion.

These things are not rooted in reality.

Likewise, liberals in the church do not acknowledge God’s true nature. Nor do they obey the words of Scripture. They think of God as a Divine Care Bear. They refuse to believe that God can send someone to hell. Or that men and women are different, and that women should keep silent in church. They don’t believe that God mandated capital punishment for murderers.

That’s the problem. Liberals. And the solution is to tell them that they are wrong! If we don’t, liberals are just going to keep on ruining everything.

Liberals, you’re wrong! Just shut up and sit down! Thank you.

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