The Most Chilling Words Spoken By Obama. Ever.

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You would think President Barack Obama would be happy after the debt deal ended the government shutdown. After all, he humiliated the Republicans, who submitted to his will and painfully gave in to his demands. No. You thought wrong. In a news conference today, Obama angrily uttered the most chilling words.

He said, “something something something … don’t listen to blogs, Fox News, or talk radio.”

Was this chilling because the president used his influence to curb free speech? No.

Was it chilling because of the suggestion he’d use his office to intimidate his political opponents? No. I’m not at all surprised by that anymore.

Was it chilling because the president obviously doesn’t have any clear policy objectives, he just wants to destroy one opponent after the other?

No! Look. I’m going to tell you why it’s chilling if you stop asking all these questions.

This quote is chilling because of who is left out. Look at the list. Bloggers, talk radio, and Fox News. Okay. What’s missing? Think. If an evil dictator rose to power in America and was an unabashed advocate for abortion, who should his most outspoken critic be?

If this hypothetical dictator forced Christian organizations to spend money to fund abortion, who should publicly and unabashedly say, No?

If a dictator rose to power in America and promised in his first press conference to end tax exempt status for churches, who should warn a bunch of people on Sunday about this threat of persecution?

And if that dictator saw to it that the gay marriage was made the law of the land and fostered the spread of sexual perversion even into the United States military who should yell and scream and pound the pulpit?

The White House stenographer!

No, you idiots! Pastors! PASTORS! Those dudes should be raising their voices to explain how Barack Obama and America is breaking every single one of the Ten Commandments.

These guys should name names, say who’s in error, and liken each one of our evil leaders to an animal. You know, like Jesus did when he called Herod a fox? (BTW, I’m thinking weasel for Obama.)

But the problem we have is not that our pastors are wolves in sheeps’ clothing. The problem is that our pastors are sheep in shepherds’ clothing. They are more timid about the Holy Word of God than members of their own congregations.

At least wolves lead the sheep somewhere. Yeah, they get devoured. But these pastors nowadays lead their flocks nowhere. If a powerful force of evil takes root in our very own country and rises to the highest level in the land, it would be the job of him who knows the truth – personally! – to confront that evil with boldness. There’s a lot of bold truths in Scripture. There are none in “The Jesus Calling.”

American pastors wander around in the wilderness just as much as any other lost sheep. They like to pretend they don’t know the answer to the more difficult questions in life. You know, don’t want to scare anyone away from Jesus. You know, by reading the very words of Jesus.

Even where the Bible states the facts clear as crystal, in black and white, these sheep in shepherds’ clothing pretend to not have read or know what God has taken the time to reveal to us.

If God’s word could not prevent our society from being deceived by the Democrats and Barack Obama, then it is useless and ineffective for guiding man through life.

Christianity is a worthless pursuit if men guided by God and God’s word cannot stop Barack Obama from destroying what our Pilgrim fathers built.

American Pastors would rather disobey God than be called racist.

Thanks, pastors. We really liked you. Not as shepherds, but as fellow sheep. When we finally get rounded up into Obamacare cattle cars and brought before death panels, I bet then you’ll finally start reminding us of God’s word.

“Romans chapter 13! Read Romans chapter 13,” you’ll say.


  1. Uncle Pete says:

    Oh, you read Romans 13, too? It does not necessarily endorse your brand of Christianity or moral philosophy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    PS. I’ve driven Peterbilts, and I agree w/you! 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jimmy, you hit the nail on the head again, with this post! I was an independent baptist pastor for over twenty five years. Our churches are full of willingly ignorant leaders that will not take a stand on anything, anymore! Preachers have no backbone to take against the tide of evil coming into their churches. They go along, to get along! Only to sell out to their prosperous future retirements. But you can’t sell out on God, the price is being paid by the wickedness we see all around us.

    Men of God, get some backbone before all is lost!

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