The Fracking Oil Boom is over! Why are there still earthquakes in Oklahoma?

Pawnee Earthquake Damage by J Berry Harrison III

Earthquake destruction in Pawnee Oklahoma. Thanks, windmills. (image via J Berry III)


Today a 5.6 magnitude earthquake struck Oklahoma, centered in Pawnee county, and was felt in several states. This earthquake caused a huge problem, not for dilapidated trailer-hoods or endangered prairie chickens, but for tree-hugging liberals.

The Oil Boom is over! Why are there still earthquakes in Oklahoma?

They blamed fracking for the Oklahoma Earthquake Swarm that began in 2009. But now crude oil sits under $50 a barrel. Nobody’s fracking!

Just take a trip down the road from the earthquake epicenter to Tulsa and find the Halliburton yard. I bet it’s slap full of red Kenworth trucks with no frack job to go to. Look for the big pile of red coveralls the frack-hands turned in when they got laid off.

In the past year, Halliburton, the world’s largest hydraulic fracturing services provider, dealt out pink slips by the thousands. reported that, “following the weakness in oil prices since late 2014, the company cut almost one third of its jobs.”

With fracking activity down, how is it that a record-matching earthquake struck the Sooner State?

As the windmills keep turning, the ground keeps churning.


On January 7, 2015, I published my study linking windmills to the Oklahoma Earthquake Swarm. Doing more than just flaunting a correlation, I theorized a causal relationship between the massive wind turbine farms in Oklahoma and the spike in tremors. Since then I’ve been patiently waiting for this day, when oil activity is down but the earthquakes continue.

And so here we are. Now I will call again for a moratorium on windmill construction until they can prove to me that windmills don’t cause earthquakes.

OK quakes a result of windmill construction --

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  1. Judy says:

    Jimmy, I agree with you. So how do we get the word out to stop the 360 mi. Wind Catcher Wind Farm (largest in America!!)? It will pass perpendicular to the nearly extinct Whooping Crane path to Texas as well as too near their rest area on the salt plains. The guy wires, blades, electric power lines, and dirty electricity will kill them as well as raptors, bats, etc. not to mention the harm to wild life, farm animals. The low-sound will harm humans as well as animals and causing learning disabilities in children. PSO is seriously considering putting turbines (2 1/4 mi. wide path) near and along the Arkansas River and eagle breeding areas.
    Not only will these monsters be located in areas of high earthquake regions, but located in VERY HIGH tornado areas. Once built, we can pray tornados will knock them down like bowling pins! before the turbine towers cause massive killing earthquakes. GE, maker of turbines, is making millions, could care less about Oklahomans’ lives, animal and bird lives, and the rape of our beautiful plains and rolling prairies. PSO is guilty too. I just can not do nothing. People must be made aware.

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