The Food Stupids

Food Manipulation
One time back in college, I went on a big retreat for the Christian college group I was in. On the second day of the retreat they had this elaborate exercise. The leaders told us, “Tomorrow for lunch, don’t report to the dining hall. We’ll send you a special invitation with instructions on what to do.”

Well I got my invitation, and it said that I was at the VIP table in the dining hall. So I reported to the VIP table, and there were just four or five other people there. The table was beautifully adorned. The servers gave us concierge level service. They were like maitre d’s giving us the royal treatment. They said we could have anything we wanted to eat. I took this as a challenge. What exactly could I get them to feed me? There were also people there to distract us, like jugglers and singers.

Some of the other students there with me were like, “Uh… where are all the other kids?” The youth leaders and staff just kind of chuckled and ignored the question, and started talking about something else. The jugglers and singers juggled harder and sang louder. The other people were like, “No, really. Where is everyone else?”

But I was like, “Um, I wanted my cheeseburger medium-rare, and this is medium. Can I send it back?” The staff took it back and made me a new one.

The other students were starting to catch on though, that maybe there was something else going on. They opened the dining-hall door, and there were some of the other students loitering outside the door with no food. All those students were like, “Hey, what’s going on for lunch? We were told that we could not come inside.”

The people in my group started getting food from our table and bringing it out to the hungry students.

But I was like, “Um, do you guys have clam rolls? I could really use some fried clams.”

Now there were quite a few students there at the retreat. Ands it turns out that all the students were separated into a number of different groups. None of the other groups had food. Some of them were further away than others. The only way for them to get food was for us to take some of ours and bring it out to them.

I missed the point. But I learned a better point.

So after this event was over, a lot of people still hadn’t eaten. Including my future wife, who was in a group way out in the woods. The leaders of the Christian group called us in to the big conference hall. They said, “What just happened there? Can you guys share your experiences?”

And everyone was really angry. I raised my hand, and said, “I ordered a lobster, and they didn’t have a lobster. I was really upset that they didn’t have lobster. I did have a lot of shrimp though. But the tartar sauce that I had with my clam roll was tepid. The tomato on my cheeseburger was sliced too thick. I would have liked the tomato to be sliced a little thinner.”

After I said that, people suddenly got a lot angrier. There was a lot of confusion, yelling, bickering with each other. Some people were like, “Okay, we get the point of this whole lesson, but this wasn’t fair. Some people are hungry!”

The point of this little exercise was about Christians being missionaries. You’ve got to go out there and bring the Gospel to people who don’t have it. That was lost on a lot of people because they were so hungry.

But that wasn’t the lesson I learned. I had a lot of food to eat. The lesson I learned was that when people don’t have the nutrients they need, they go crazy.

Hunger. A recipe for Disaster.

This lesson is reaffirmed by when my family and I get home from church. Our church runs a little bit later than our normal lunch time. By the time we get home, my wife needs to start cooking lunch. And we start bickering and arguing about things we don’t normally argue about. But then after we eat, we can talk about it like rational human beings.

People do strange things when they’re hungry. You can manipulate people with food.

One time, my friends and I started our own small Christian group at school. We were going to have our own little retreat, a much smaller one. But while we were planning it, my friend was like, “Do you guys want to know what cults do when feeding their groups? Well, they feed the people a whole lot of starchy foods so they get what’s called the ‘food stupids.’ They act goofy and happy. And when they’re like that, you have them do fun activities and sing fun, happy songs. But then when the ‘food stupids’ tail off, the people go into a slump and feel kind of groggy. And this is the best time to lay on the guilt. If you lay it on thick then, they’re more likely to convert to your religion.”

And I was like, “Ben, you aren’t suggesting we do that at our retreat. Are you? … ARE YOU?!”

Jesus Christ is the opposite of this. When He taught on the countryside, He had thousands of people around Him. He taught them first, and then His disciples started to worry about how to feed them. So Jesus miraculously provided food for the people. He didn’t rely on “food stupids” to teach His word.

You can manipulate people when they get crazy, and when they’re not fed, they act irrational. When your blood sugar is low, you start bickering like my wife and I did. When you don’t have enough salt, you start making poor decisions. Eating fat foods makes you feel satisfied. When you don’t eat enough fat, you get restless and nervous.

It goes even deeper than that, and it’s even more powerful than that. Jared Diamond wrote Guns, Germs and Steel, and he believes that the nutrient gluten is partly responsible for the amazing advances in our Western civilization. Gluten is responsible for Europe, and later America, being the top dog, while in other parts of the world, people still live like they did back in the Stone Age.

(note: Like Mitt Romney, I didn’t read Guns, Germs, and Steel. I saw a section of the PBS documentary. If what I stated above regarding gluten is not true, I take the Dan Rather defense: my statements were fake but accurate.)

Satanic Food Conspiracy
Do you see where I’m going here? I believe that what we’re doing with banning certain foods in our culture is a conspiracy. But this is not a conspiracy hatched in the minds of people. It’s not that I want Christians to be against Michelle Obama or mayors like Michael Bloomberg and Thomas Menino, who all want to control what we eat. This is a Satanic conspiracy theory. It is a perfect storm of malnourishment that is leading the entire American population to be irritable, to make poor decisions, and to be unsatisfied and restless.

Chex Mix Riots

Did you know that the Bible in our Christian religion has no dietary restrictions? What’s more important than the foods we eat is the fact that we thank God for those foods.

The human body will indicate to us exactly what it needs through hunger. We don’t need to read a book to learn what to eat. Why do we think this way? We think this way because we reject God and the Bible, and we believe science is the ultimate form of truth and wisdom. And when you deny God, and you find something else that you think is higher than God, what you’ve embraced is folly. God will give you over to it, and you will ironically prove His wisdom.

Perfect Storm of Malnourishment  
The fact that we believe certain foods are bad is a fulfillment of Scripture. “Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons, through the insincerity of liars whose consciences are seared, who forbid marriage and require abstinence from foods that God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth. For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving, for it is made holy by the word of God and prayer.”

Some people right now are like, “Jimmy, that’s spiritual. We believe in health food because of science.”

Proof positive! Science is that thing that we embrace when we reject God. We say it’s the truth. There is no truth to the fact that salt is bad for you. There is no truth to the fact that fat is bad for you. There is no truth to the fact that you can devise a better way to eat than just obeying your hunger.

The Bible says that some people, reveling in their wisdom, think of themselves as being wise, yet their hearts have become darkened and they become fools. The Bible says that in the end times, people elevate creation above the creator. (Bible, page 681) In my opinion, this is science! I mean, we won’t know for certain if the Bible is actually talking about science here until Jesus comes back, but in my opinion, this is science.

People say that science is true, and they reject God to believe it. They have now believed something that is clearly not true. They have rejected empirical evidence and objective reasoning to believe something that isn’t true.

Now some people right now are just horrified that I would say that science is not true, and that wisdom is not found in science. They say, “Well, Jimmy, those are some things that science once said. But now science is coming around and saying that there is health value in salt.”

Well, if you insist on that, you’re missing the point. Science once told us that eggs were bad, then eggs were good, then eggs were bad again. One week coffee’s good, one week coffee’s bad. Go back and read my Egg Rule post.

This thing that you claim to be the highest order of truth changes more quickly than the seasons in New England. The Word of God, the Bible, has never changed.

Jesus said to His disciples, “You are the salt of the earth.” He meant that as a blessing and not as a curse. When God asked that the fattest portions of the meat be sacrificed to Him, He was asking for the best portions of meat. And the priests ate that meat of the “wave offering” afterwards. When God told the Israelites that He was bringing them to the land flowing with milk and honey, He was implying that those nutrients–fat and protein in milk, sugar in honey–are good things.

It’s even in our English language. Creme de la creme. Whoops. That’s French. If you’re the “cream of the crop,” like House of Pain, you rise up to the top. Cream is the best.

Think of how delusional it is that in all of our human history, man has eaten certain foods, then suddenly BOOM in 1980, all these foods are bad! Thousands of years of human history, then suddenly, 1980 A.D., these foods are bad. The human body has suddenly changed. Human beings can suddenly not eat eggs. Human beings can suddenly not eat salt. From day 6 of creation til 1980, we ate them. Suddenly we cannot.

The Highest Wisdom
I’m not going to answer every single one of your intricate, detailed questions about God’s creation when you get down to the molecular level of what food does to people. But this one thing I know. Jesus Christ is the creator. There is no higher wisdom than the wisdom of Jesus Christ. It is the wisdom that counseled Him when He created this universe, when He created this earth, and when He created you.

There is no lie in Jesus. We will never obtain an understanding that is more advanced than the teachings of Jesus Christ. We will never get to a point when we can look back at the Bible and think, “Gee, this is antiquated and irrelevant.” It is always relevant to every human being in every society in every culture.

When you reject this for anything else for any reason, you are bringing upon yourself pain and suffering. Fools deserve and fools get beatings. When you leave from God’s flock, you invite beatings. Whether it’s the consequences of your foolishness, or the actual beatings of Jesus Christ. God will discipline you to bring you back in the same way that a shepherd will discipline his sheep to bring it back. That’s God’s discipline. But not all of us respond to Jesus. Some of us wander off completely. We’re lost.

And what’s worse than the beatings to bring us back into the fold are the beatings of punishment and an eternal hell. It’s Jesus Christ who died to save you from that eternal hell. Who are you to talk back to Him? To tell Him that He doesn’t know what He’s doing, or that you’re more just than He is?

Why not just accept the truth and accept the salvation that He freely gives to you?

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