The Egg Rule

If you’re like me, the egg is your favorite food. And if you’re like me, you grew up in the 1980s and ’90s under a constant barrage of attacks against egg-eating.

Eggs are bad for you, they’d say. Eggs contain the dietary triumvirate of evil: fat, cholesterol, and sodium. Well, the way that I eat them, they contain a lot of sodium … and ketchup.

Back in the ’90s when I would eat my eggs, on my first omelet, people would say, “Jimmy, you need to get your blood pressure checked. That’s enough salt!” On the second omelet, they would say, “Jimmy, that’s too many eggs. You need to get your cholesterol checked.” And then when I would finish my third omelet and wipe the plate with my buttery toast, my friends would watch me, just counting down the seconds until my imminent death.

Guess what. I didn’t die from eating eggs. My cholesterol levels? Perfect. My blood pressure? Low.

It turns out that eggs are a very healthy food. And those 1990s hand-wringers were dead wrong.

Nowadays, there are some people who say, “Jimmy, studies suggest that eggs are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. And other studies suggest that the amount of cholesterol in eggs, in small quantities, might be actually good for you.”

Well, what is it, Mr. Hand-wringer? Am I going to die from eating three omelets, or am I going to die from not eating any omelets?

I don’t care about the answer. I eat whatever I want to eat. Because I live my life by the egg rule.

The egg rule states that any food regarded by hand-wringers as being unhealthy, will, in time, be regarded by those same hand-wringers as being healthy.

Just take a moment and think from your own personal experience of some food that was regarded as being healthy or unhealthy at some time. For example, coffee. The period of time it takes for coffee to go from being healthy to unhealthy is pretty quick. What’s its status right now? I don’t even know. Anyone have the New York Times?

Does the egg rule just apply to food? No. Because the hand-wringers don’t just tell you what to eat. They tell you what to think.

In the early part of the 21st century, we were told that Barack Obama was the health food that America needed. Well, studies suggest that President Obama is destroying our nation’s economy. How long will it be before the egg rule comes into effect, and those same hand-wringers realize that Barack Obama is poison for the nation’s economy?

Hopefully they’ll realize before it’s too late, and the freedom to even express that idea is revoked.

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