The Dead Dog had a Gallstone. Now this Chinese Farmer is Rich.


gou bao

A gou boa. Source? Their source? The internet.

Guys, I have three dogs, Jick, Sheila, and Leona. As terrible as it would be to lose one of them in a tragic chocolate ingestion accident, their death may prove bittersweet. If it turns out their doggie gallbladders contain a special gallstones prized by the Chinese, I may hit the jackpot.

The reported that a Chinese farmer found a special gallstone called a gou bao in his recently deceased dog, Dahuang. (May he rest in peace.)
Zhan Qihan, a 74 year-old farmer from the Luotian county of China’s Hubei province, was for some reason dissecting his recently deceased dog by a river. That’s when he extracted a gallstone that “shone like gold in the sunshine. He immediately recognized it as a gou bao.”

The claims the gou bao dog gallstone is an extremely rare and precious item in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Apparently they have the power to heal you longtime.

According to the report, a fellow villager offered Zhan 100,000 yuan for the special dog gallstone. AND HE TURNED IT DOWN!

So, old farmer Zhan thinks the guo bao is worth north of 100 chinese large. Dang!

The article doesn’t estimate how much the green and yellow encrusted calcuili would fetch at a Tradional Chinese Medicine auction. But I think it’s worth A LOT considering the news of it spread from a remote central Chinese farming village all the way to an urban area where it was published on

Then went ahead and translated the news into english where it was no doubt seen by my old neighbors in Boston who are all discussing it over bobba tea at the Super 88!

I would think that discussing dog gallstones would destroy anyone’s appetite for bobba tea but not the Chinese.

Guys, I have gallstones. And I eat a special diet that I designed to eliminate them. Sometimes I share the scraps of my anti-gallstone foods with my dogs.

Not anymore.

Also, look at the featured image posted above. Doesn’t that seem way too huge to be in the abdomen of a dog – nevermind his tiny gallbladder?

I think so. But I’m just relaying the image. Where did they get the picture?

Hold on they have a caption on the picture. Let me see what it says. It says, “A gou bao. (Internet photo)”

Okay. Apparently the didn’t send a photographer to actually take a picture of Dahuang the dog’s gallstone. And I thought American reporters were lazy!

Well, I’m going to do some actual journalistic legwork. I will corroborate for myself what a gou bao looks like. I’m going to Google image search “gou bao.”

Okay. I’m back. Every single Google image search result for “gou bao” is a sandwich like the one below. Every single one. No green and gold nuggets.


gou bao?

Gou bao? Source: The internet

I mean, what kind of sandwich is this, anyways? It doesn’t look like beef. It doesn’t look like pork. Certainly not chicken!

It’s a mystery.

Well, anyways if you know what kind of meat is in this sandwich that has the same name as dog gallstones worth more that 100,000 yuan each, let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

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