The Catholicization of America by illegal immigration 

Illegal immigration from South and Central America will turn the United States of America from a Protestant country to a Roman Catholic country. And then what? Well, you know what I say. Catholicism leads to communism. 
A lot of people are really upset at me for saying this. They feel betrayed. I know. This is the most difficult thing for me to write because of my Catholic family and friends. I’ve been putting off writing this because I don’t want to be a jerk to people who have been so kind to me.
But look, there’s a Pope visiting the country right now who says it’s a great act of compassion for us to bring in every freeloader from south of the border. While you’re all upset at me for words I write against him, our country is literally being destroyed!

Hey, are you incredulous that I said Catholicism leads to communism? Guys, I’m going to develop this idea further in an upcoming post. It seems far fetched considering all the successful businessmen you may know who are devoted to the Catholic Church.

But what I would point out is that American Catholics are actually protestant. That is, they are faithful to their church, but have some disagreements with its doctrine or administration. In fact, there are some churches in Boston who hold candlelight vigils to resist closure by the Diocese. So what exactly are they doing? They are protesting. Hence they are protestant.

Guys, I want to remind you again that I’m trying not to be a jerk. But here’s the thing. We live and die by he ideas we believe. And American Catholics believe in the legal freedom and economic principles that make America wildly successful.

The Latino illegal immigrants do not. They have more in common with medieval, pre-reformation Catholics than American Catholics.

What am I saying? They are peasants who believe in what is essentially feudalism, i.e. someone else should take care of them!

In the feudal times subjects would pledge their devotion to a lord who would protect them. In modern times, these illegal immigrants pledge their votes in exchange for welfare benefits.

And so the Catholic Church finds a seemingly strange bedfellow in the Democrat party. Despite their differences over abortion, they are the same wolves in different sheep’s clothing.

What they have in common is a grab for power and wealth under the guise of specious acts of charity.

They’ve both ran the numbers and saw they’re walking a path of steep attrition. They both need a sudden infusion of massive amounts of poor people. So the Democrat party and the Roman Catholic Church worked together to facilitate a staged immigration crisis.

They are saviors of a problem they themselves created. They are each a false Christ, if you will.

Remember when all those illegal immigrant children suddenly came pouring across our border last summer? It was right around the time of the African Ebola epidemic.

Anyways, I was listening to the Rush Limbaugh show around that time and he was going on about how this immigrant crisis was actually just a giant Democrat Party voter drive.

Then he took a call from a woman in California if I remember correctly. She spoke in an understated almost hushed tone. She calmly said how she and her husband were devoted Catholics. But just that day a call went out from priests in her diocese looking for people to host some of these poor immigrant children in their homes.

Now like I said, she wasn’t ranting or raving. She was dignified and Rush was respectful. But obviously she was upset and betrayed.

To her, Illegal immigration was wrong. It’s illegal! Yet some priest, who is supposed to be lawful since he is religious, had a different idea.

I’m reading into the call here. She left a lot unsaid. Rush left a lot unasked.

But here’s the thing. The church was obviously working in collusion with the government officials who oversaw the dispersement of illegals all over the country.

The Catholic Church always has the biggest and best building in town. Also the emptiest. They need to fill the pews. And it’s illegal immigrants who will do it.

They need poor people to benefit from their charity. And guess what. So do Democrats! They need illegal immigrants to fill he voter rolls depleted by birth control and abortion.

And with millions more poor people in the USA ushered in by the Catholic Church voting for the Democrat Party, our economic system will collapse. Then we will be communist.

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