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So, it turns out that Manti Te’o’s cancer-stricken, tragically deceased girlfriend was a hoax. When this news flooded twitter, am I the only one who instantly made a connection between Manti Te’o and Barack Obama?

Some people right now are like, “Jimmy, no. Don’t go there.”

And I’m like, Go where? How do you know what I’m going to say?

And they’re like, “Are you going to make a connection between Lennay Kekua and Obama’s ‘composite’ girlfriend in his memoir? Or Clint Eastwood’s empty chair?”

No. But those are good ones! Perhaps you can start your own blog and attack the president.

The point I’m going to make is that the only thing worse than a pathological liar is the pathologically gullible. After all, the Bible says, “A false witness pours out lies.” (Bible, Proverbs 14:5) That means once we identify a liar, we can thereafter ignore him. Easy enough, right? But what can we to do about the pathologically gullible? Even after we identify them, we can’t ignore them. They’re allowed to vote!

Some people are like, “Jimmy, you think Manti Te’o is a terrible person because he got catfished?”

No. Getting fooled happens to all of us. The problem is we refuse to admit we were wrong and purposely continue believing a lie. The pathologically gullible believe what they want to believe. America’s pathologically gullible will destroy the country before they think a negative thought about our president.

To drive home this point let me ask you a question. Should Notre Dame discipline Manti Te’o for his lies?

Expelling students for moral shortcomings is not without precedent even at secular universities. According to London’s Daily Mail, in 1964 Harvard University took such action against one of their foreign graduate students. He couldn’t explain his “wife situation.” It turned out that despite marrying a teenaged American girl, he still had a wife back home in Kenya. After Harvard gave him the boot, US Immigration Services deported him. Oh, by the way, this student was Barack Obama Sr.

Some people right now are like, “Oh, that’s a scurrilous attack! What does Obama’s dad have anything to do with Obama? And what connection is there with Te’o?”

If exploring Obama’s background sends you into a conniption, I diagnose you as pathologically gullible.

I saw you on twitter having fun at Te’o’s expense. He spun a yarn in an attempt to win a little old Heisman trophy. Yet, here’s Obama winning the highest office in the land. But he still can’t bear even a bit of scrutiny about his background?

Americans are pathologically gullible. We want to believe that Obama is a great man. We want to be proud of his life story. The fact we can’t bring ourselves admit we’re wrong means we have a serious psychotic disorder.

The Professionally Gullible

Was Te’o in on the girlfriend hoax? Did Obama purposely deceive us about his background? I’d like the answers to both these questions. Many other people would, too. Imagine if each and every one of us went up and asked these burning questions of Te’o and Obama. That would be cumbersome and inefficient. If only there were a group of professionals to ask these questions for us. Then they could package the answers for widespread consumption. We’d pay them money so they can make a living doing it.

Oh wait! There is such a profession. Some people call them journalists. Others call them the news media. What I call them is the professionally gullible. They get paid to believe lies and help broadcast them.

Think for a minute about how Te’o claimed his girlfriend attended Stanford University. Did no one think to go to Stanford and ask to interview friends of this girl? It’s not often a young alumna gets diagnosed with cancer and dies in a car crash. None of the professionally gullible did. They believed the hoax story up until Deadspin busted it.

In the case of Obama, we have many questions about his application to and coursework at Harvard University. The professionally gullible can’t understand why this is germane to the President’s character. They’re like, “So what if Obama took a little license in his own life story? That’s a small thing. But we can trust his word on big things. For example, that he promised Iran wouldn’t get a nuke.”


Jimmy Kinkade, getting interviewed by WCVB Channel 5. They didn’t want to interview the Harvard Admissions Office.

One time the professionally gullible interviewed me in front of the Apple Store in Boston. This crew was from WCVB Channel 5, which is in Needham. They drove 14 miles to interview me. Then could have driven another few miles to the Harvard University Admissions office and said, “Hey. Give us Obama’s college application. We want to look at it.”

You know what else? As they interviewed me there, Elizabeth Warren was campaigning for the Senate. They could have driven over to Harvard and asked how a blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman could be the law school’s first “woman of color.”

You know what? I’m beginning to think that Harvard University should offer academic degrees in gullibility.

Hold on! I just checked and do in fact offer a degree in Gullibility Studies. It’s from the Sociology Department. Take a look for yourself by clicking on this link.

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