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First they blamed Fracking for earthquakes. Now they blame Injection Wells.

pawnee earthquake grocery store

Photo by Paul Hellstern, The Oklahoman. Used without permission.

Liberals want to blame the oil and gas industry for the Oklahoma earthquake swarm. But in doing so they expose their own ignorance. Again.

First they threw around the word fracking. It was an easy accusation to make. Fracking caused the Oklahoma earthquakes. The word fracking just sounds so nasty. Fracking. It’s like a swear word almost. You could substitute it for the f-word at Bible camp.

And anyone with a cursory knowledge of drilling for oil would know that fracking is short for hydraulic fracturing. It’s where they pump water and sand down a hole to break open rocks underground to extract oil.

So it’s an easy conclusion for the ignorant to jump to. Of course hydraulically fracturing rocks underground causes earthquakes!

The problem is it doesn’t. Read more

Faith is not the opposite of reason.


faith vs reason

Does faith stand contrary to reason?

Faith is not the opposite of reason. I’m sick and tired of atheists on Twitter pitting faith against reason. 

They act like intellectual giants because they reject religion. They say that rather than put their faith in religion, they will use reason. You know. Like science and stuff.

Okay. Well, let me explain what atheists fail to understand about faith and reason. It highlights the deliciously ironic fatal flaw of atheists.  Read more

Gay Marriage is Wrong

Same sex marriage is wrong

It’s amazing that the same society that bases itself on Science is too stupid to tell the difference between a woman’s vagina and a man’s anus. But here we are handing out marriage licenses so men can legally sodomize each other. No. Gay marriage is wrong.

Our government cares so much about its population that it controls what we eat and smoke. Yet the government disregards the fact that sodomy’s participants enter the diaper years early on in life. Can Obamacare really afford to pay for diapers for middle aged gay men?

To the liberals here in America, this is hate speech. Yet this alludes to ancient words in the Bible. Are you trying to say the Holy Bible is hate speech? Read more

The Problem with Public Schools


The problem with public schools is liberals who turn footnotes of American history into whole chapters.

The problem with public schools is the same problem with all America. Liberals. In fact, America’s church suffers a severe liberal infestation too. When I say liberals I mean people who misunderstand the nature of God and are disconnected from reality. The root of liberalism is ignorance.

To uproot the ignorance of liberals, let’s overhaul the American public education system. First, American students need to learn about God. Second, studying history begins an education about reality that life experience will continue.

Right now some people are like, “Jimmy, you cannot teach kids about God in school. SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STAAAAAAAAAAAAATE!”

Well, okay, THANKS for proving my POINT! Early American students were taught to read English from the Bible in public schools before the ink on the constitution even dried. You liberals would know that factoid if you studied history. But since you’ve decided to be purposefully ignorant, God sent you the whole way, and you’re delusional now. So delusional, you imagine that the phrase, “separation of church and state,” appears in the Constitution. Read more

Mummies had Heart Disease. I predicted this.

mummies had heart disease

Science said Yummy Mummy gave you heart disease. Now it says mummies had heart disease. (photo courtesy traci*s_retro)

“Atherosclerosis is thought to be a disease of modern human beings and related to contemporary lifestyles.”

This above quote begins a summary of the Horus Study, published in the Lancet Journal. In the Horus Study, a team of scientists CT scanned mummies’ hearts. These mummies were from long-ago ages and distant lands that did not have Burger King. They discovered that mummies had heart disease. I predicted this.

Atherosclerosis is heart disease, btw. It’s when the pipes to the heart get clogged. And I also want to point out that the mummies didn’t get heart disease. It was the people who while living got heart disease. Then when they died they became mummies. Mummies with Atherosclerosis.

How could I have predicted that? Because I insist science is a fallacy. I believe the highest source of wisdom and knowledge is God’s revelation, the Bible. In the Bible we have the ancient saints eating fat, salt, and cholesterol. And creator God condoned it.

But we live in a society that rejected God and propped up Science as the highest form of wisdom and knowledge. Not only that, but the science worshipers mocked those who follow God by faith.

When you reject God he gives you over to what you rejected him for and you ironically prove God’s wisdom.

So science started teaching us to avoid fatty food claiming it’s bad for you. People blindly followed this teaching by faith. What fools!

The whole idea that fat is bad for you is exactly why I say science is a fallacy. Read more

Spiritual Juggalos

christians against scienceFor years people have been falling over themselves to show how subservient they are to science. They’ve been desperate to prove they have no spiritual sentiment. Christians especially. Some black-hearted liberal comes along and taunts, “What are you, AGAINST SCIENCE?” and bullies everyone into submission. But not me.

Yes, black hearted liberal, I am against science. Read more

Osmotic Oppression

Osmotic pressure is the pressure that stops the process of osmosis, which is water flowing through a semi-permeable membrane. How many of you remember that from tenth grade biology?

Yes, I Once Took a Science Class
A lot of people reading this right now were in that class with me. How many of you remember when we had that experiment requiring uric acid? We couldn’t find it. I though it must have been a clever test of our resourcefulness. Uric acid must be in urine, right? Well then, excuse me while I fill this graduated cylinder. But it turned out that uric acid was actually in the back cabinet, and it was not a test of our resourcefulness, and … Jimmy, why did you do that! Good thing there are sinks all around a lab room.
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Where’s the Salt?

I remember when Fritos used to be so salty, you could not eat them with chapped lips. Read more

Science. A Monument to Folly.

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter. It is the glory of a king to discover a matter. (Bible, page 589)

The matters of our natural world. The matters of our supernatural world. The matters of our hearts and minds. All of these mysteries are concealed by God and not instantly recognizable. And for those of us men who are obsessed with uncovering these mysteries, and to try to make them known, we engage in a noble task. That’s why the Bible says that it’s to a king’s glory to figure these things out.
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Christians for Salt

If you deny God’s wisdom, and you find something else that’s foolishness but you say it’s wiser than God’s wisdom, and you deny God’s wisdom in order to embrace that foolishness; God will give you over to that foolishness completely, and you will ironically prove His wisdom.

This is the case with America, and Christians in America. We believe that science is higher than God’s wisdom. God has given us over to our foolishness known as science, and we ironically prove His wisdom through it.

Think, for example, about salt. Science teaches us that salt is bad, and our government, which represents us, is on a crusade against salt. The fact is, Jesus told His followers, “You are the salt of the earth.” And he meant that in a good way, because salt is a nutrient.
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Science is a Fallacy. Q.E.D.

Science is a fallacy.

In the normal course of logical reasoning, you start at a premise, and you move from premise to premise until you arrive at a conclusion. Just like crossing a river from bank to bank. You start on one side, step from rock to rock — or premise to premise — and arrive at the other side.

But science is like starting at a premise — or one side of the riverbank — walking on a tightrope, jumping the space from buoy to buoy, and then landing way on the other side somehow.

You can’t do that. It’s a fallacy. Science is a fallacy.
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