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Donald Trump and the definition of Politics


Note: I wrote this last summer, sometime in August 2015.

Guys, I formulated a definition of Politics. It answers the question, “What is politics?” even through nobody is asking that question. My definition explains why Donald Trump is dominating right now in the Republican primary.

So what is politics? Politics is when a guy breaks the unwritten rules to get the power to write the written rules. Read more

America, Asleep Like Jonah

This Sunday my pastor preached out of the book of Jonah. And we all got a good laugh out of God’s prophet falling asleep in the bottom of the boat during the storm.

Can we Americans really laugh at Jonah? Aren’t we a city on a hill? Yet we are rebelling against God’s commands. There’s a storm brewing all around the globe. Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran are all gearing up for war against us. It would be better for us if we were actually asleep to this storm.

But we’re not. We’re just rolling around the bilge like its a game.

Everything is a game to the over-entertained, sleep-deprived American.

Look at how Sleep is a theme in the Bible. Fools always sleep at the wrong time. For example at harvest when it’s time to work. Or most famously when Jesus asked his disciples to stay alert and pray right before his betrayal.

America found a folly worse than sleep. Entertainment.
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Itinerant Internet Preacher for Hire

I’m Jimmy Kinkade. I am the President and CEO of feedingjimmy.com, where CEO stands for Chief Eating Officer. I’m a truck driver. I’m a vigilante unlicensed plumber. I’m an amateur theologian. And you can add to all those titles on my resume one more thing: Internet preacher.

Right now some people are like, “Jimmy, did you say Internet preacher? Or itinerant preacher?”

Oh, that’s how you say that word. Yes, itinerant preacher. Read more