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What Christians misunderstand about the Obama Bathroom Bill

There’s one big thing that Christians misunderstand about President Obama and the the bathroom bill. His goal is to desecrate you.

To understand how and why, think back to the Kentucky county clerk who refused to sign gay marriage licenses. I made the point in an article, Why they put Kim Davis in Jail, that her signature had no bearing on the actual nature of a gay couple’s relationship.

So why did they verbally force her to do it?

To desecrate her.

These degenerates crave validation for their perverted lifestyle. In a sick, twisted way, by forcing someone who symbolically represents God to grant tokens of approval, they think they can extinguish their shame.

But even after a huge victory in their proxy war against God, their shame burns all the more. So they become angrier. Read more

Who was Putin’s speech directed to?

putin speech

Putin should have hung a decorative rug over that gross green wall.

Yesterday Russian President Valdimir Putin stood in front that tacky green granite wall at the United Nations general assembly and delivered a powerful speech. So who was this speech directed to? Read more

The Catholicization of America by illegal immigration 

Illegal immigration from South and Central America will turn the United States of America from a Protestant country to a Roman Catholic country. And then what? Well, you know what I say. Catholicism leads to communism.  Read more

Goodell hammers Brady in #DeflateGate — I PREDICTED THIS!


So Rodger Goodell finally announced his verdict against Tom Brady and the Patriots regarding DeflateGate and what can I say except I prediced this!

I’ve been saying for a long long time that the NFL doesn’t hold up justice as its standard. It holds up fairness. And look at the punishment the NFL brought against the Patriots: Tom Brady suspended for 4 games, a $1 million fine, and a loss of a first round draft pick. That’s unjust!

But to the mob of resentful, low-information sports fans, it’s only fair. The Patriots’s numerous victories is de facto proof that they cheat. And so DeflateGate provided an opportunity to punish them. Look at how the punishment singles out a single individual for no other reason than he is a prominent, successful man.

That’s what happens with fairness. All you can do is punish the successful.

Welcome to Barack Obama’s NFL

Read more

Who Was Netenyahu’s Speech Directed To?

A lot of people heard Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before the joint sessions of The United States Congress. They wondered who this speech was directed to.

Was he appealing to republicans? No. That’s preaching to the choir. Was it Obama? No. That fool won’t listen to the wise. Was it Iran? No.

Prime minister Netanyahu appealed not to any man. His speech appealed to justice. He held up the golden standard of justice. Israel stands under that standard. Read more

Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast

Last week at the National Prayer Breakfast, President Barack Obama told Christians to get off their high horse and stop judging Islam. Why? Because of the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition.

Many wonder how this supposed genius could spout such delusional malarkey. (excuse my language.)

Guys, the explanation is simple. Obama sympathizes, appeases, and allies himself with Islam, not because he believes in its tenets, but because they commonly despise the success of Christianity. Read more

Can Anybody Stop Obama?

Tonight Obama issued a royal edict granting amnesty to millions of criminals. Earlier today, Drudge right asked on the drudgereport.com, “Can anyone stop him?”

Yes. He will suffer a mortal blow. It won’t come from Republicans. It won’t come from a massive uprising of the American people. It will come from jilted Democrats.

Yes, that’s right. Betrayal. Read more

White House Gate Crasher

The White House is a house. So let’s see what the Bible says about houses. From Proverbs chapter 3:

The LORD's curse is on the house of the wicked, but he blesses the dwelling of the righteous. 
Toward the scorners he is scornful, but to the humble he gives favor. 

Ah. Okay. The Lord’s curse is on the White House. But what exactly is God’s curse? Barack Obama! Obama is his own curse. Liberals destroy themselves by their own liberalism.

God doesn’t need to swoop down out of heaven with a catastrophe to destroy those who rise up against him. You who rebel against God destroy yourselves by your own rebellion.

To see how a godless liberal such as Obama can destroy himself, look at the recent incident where Omar Gonzalez got into the White House.

courageous restraint

Warfare is an inescapable part of the world God created. Your only two options regarding war is to win or lose. But Obama thought it was awful that American soldiers would engage in combat successfully. So he wanted to offer a military award for courageous restraint. You know, as an incentive to lose.

So that’s Obama’s standard of valor? Courageous restraint?

If so, Obama needs to commend all the Secret Service agents who did nothing to stop the gate-hopping interloper! Did the Secret Service director praise the courageous restraint shown by multiple layers of her White House security team?

Victoria’s Secret service

Liberals insist there is no difference between men and woman. Science told them. Obama, seizing upon that sentiment, proclaimed that Republicans wage a war against women.

So Obama, to meet his standard of fairness should have equal numbers of female Secret Service agents as male, right?

I don’t know how many females there are at the secret service. But there was at least one at the White House that day. I know that because the crazy guy bowled her over.

That’s what happens when a man, who on average is bigger and stronger than a female, crashes into a female.

Life is sexist.

And finally let me ask Obama something. What right do you have to exclude this dreamer from the White House? You didn’t build that!

Besides, Gonzales is a small scale illegal alien. After arriving in the White House, the gate crasher should immediately recieve the same rights and privileges as the current residents.

ironic destruction

The Bible says to “give honor to whom honor is due.” We Americans honor our military for keeping us safe. Likewise we honor the Secret Service for keeping the president safe. They both deserve to do their job unencumbered by liberal fantasies!

When Liberal fantasize of a reality without God, reality crashes down on them. God doesn’t even need to lift a finger.

Did the NFL Punish Ray Rice Justly?

The NFL’s treatment of Ray Rice shows it does not hold truth and justice up as standards for conduct. Instead, like the rest of America, it holds up fairness and knowledge. As a result, the vengeful rule of the mob is ruining football, just like Obama voters are ruining America.

Consider that Ray Rice already admitted to assaulting his fiancé. That’s the truth. He assaulted her. The prosecutors of that jurisdiction did not pursue charges. According to the law, justice was satisfied, and Mr. Rice walked a free man.

But the mob thought that was unfair. They rallied to demand the NFL punish Ray Rice somehow. They asked, “How is it that a running back who hits Mary Jane, a marijiuana cigarette, gets suspended for six games, but a running back who hits Mary Jane, a woman, gets nothing?”

So the NFL acquiesced to the mob. They handed Ray Rice a two game suspension. I ask, was that suspension just? Did Mr. Rice’s contract have provisions in it regarding domestic violence? Did the NFL have already standing policies in place regarding suspensions for domestic violence?

It was arbitrary and set a poor precedent. Remember that the authorities did not prosecute charges against Mr. Rice. However, the NFL wasn’t concerned with justice, it was concerned with quelling the mob.

But then TMZ got it’s hands on the elevator video of him actually hitting her. When the mob saw it, they rallied again. It’s not fair that Ray Rice play football at all!

And so the Ravens terminated Ray Rice’s contract. He lost his living, his income and the means to support the woman he hit, who ended up marrying him. The team is worse off, and the NFL has one fewer high-caliber running back on the field.

How is this additional punishment just? It also punished the victim of Ray Rice’s crime. Worst of all, women who may suffer domestic violence at the hands of NFL players are much less likely to report these crimes if they think it will ruin their livelihood.

What exactly did the TMZ video change? If the two game suspension was an adequate punishment before, what did the video reveal that required the NFL to indefinitely ban Ray Rice?

It didn’t change our concept of the truth. As far as I know neither Ray Rice or his woman denyed what happened. The problem is that the Obama voters who watch the NFL cannot conceptualize the truth.

Read this: “Ray Rice punched his girlfriend.” You conceptualized that information. Now go watch the video of him punching her. You don’t need to conceptualize it anymore. You know he punched her after seeing it so vividly. (JK. You don’t need to actually watch the video.)

The video heightened our knowledge of the event, changing it from conceptual to visceral. Since the mob acts by instinct not intellect, the video unleashed emotion.

Here’s something you guys need to understand. Truth compels justice. But fairness rests until knowledge stirs it up.

You’re asking, “What’s the difference?” Here it is. You can’t change the truth. Things are true weather you know it or not. But you can play around with knowledge by purposefully remaining ignorant or casting doubt unreasonably.

The video took away that wiggle room.

Before the video went viral, the Obama voters of Baltimore could plausibly remain Ray Rice fans. They might doubt the severity of the beating for example. But the video made the knowledge of the crime inescapable. Suddenly they all want to exchange their Rice Ravens jerseys.

To wrap this up, let’s turn to Barack Obama. That mob that demands the NFL be fair demands Obama rule fairly as its king. And so we see Obama play around with knowledge, purposefully remaining ignorant of truth, lest he be compelled to act. Consider his inaction after the Russians shot down the Malysians Airline jet, or when Musilims stormed Benghazi. He’s still getting to the bottom of those issues. The report from the blue ribbon panel is due soon. He will find out what happened! (Someday)

But unlike the NFL, he has no interest in quelling the mob. He stokes the mob.

When the Obama justice department stormed Furgeson, Missouri, they weren’t looking for the truth. The truth might condemn Michael Brown. They were stirring vengence against the cops to dole out some unprecedented, arbitrary punishments.

Why Doesn’t Obama have a Strategy for ISIS?

A lot of people were perplexed when Barack Obama said he didn’t have a strategy to deal with ISIS. I mean, he’s the president of the United States of America! It’s preposterous to think he couldn’t come up with something like a targeted air strike, or flash grenades, or a punitive school lunch program.

Guys, I can explain why he has no strategy. I can also explain why you are incredulous.

I wasn’t surprised when he said he didn’t have a strategy. In fact, I predicted this. He’s a liberal. The massive stumbling block to liberals is evil men.

But you were surprised for the same reason you were surprised Robin Williams offed himself. You bought into the perception of Barack Obama. Simply put, you thought he was a tough but ineffably cool character played by Will Smith.

So when ISIS committed atrocious crimes, you were ready for a rousing battle cry like Obama gave before he stormed the alien spacecraft that destroyed the White House in the movie Independence Day. Instead Barack Obama as played by Barack Obama spoke from the podium like a liberal who had been mugged. Not Will Smith.

To talk about a strategy, you need to first define the goal. If Obama’s goal was to destroy ISIS, he has myriad military options. He could send the Marines, Army, Air Force, or Navy Seals to engage the enemy. If cost was a concern, we could arm them with surplus raisins from the Department of Education.

This is the friggin’ United States Military! Make no mistake about it. They would pulverize ISIS. Soon the black flag of Islam would lay smoldering on the ground as the Star-Spangled Banner would proudly wave over the sands of Iraq.

And that’s the problem.

Obama’s goal is not to destroy an Islamic fighting force. When Old Glory rises above the flag of Islam in battle, that elevates a Christian country above an Islamic state. In the specious mind of simpletons such as Obama, that elevates Christianity above Islam.

History proves that Christianity is far superior to Islam. After the red flag of Islam rose above the fallen Constantinople, it all when downhill for the Prophet Mohammed’s followers. We Christians got revenge the best way. By living well.

So while Christians put sophisticated aircraft into flight, such as a Beoing 747, Muslim terrorists use primitive weapons such as box cutters to crash them out of the sky.

Islam fails. History documents Islam’s continued failure. The way of Jesus Christ succeeds beyond any expectation in any genetic pool it’s added. And to Barack Obama, that’s not fair!

Barack Obama doesn’t rule according to justice. He governs by holding up the standard of fairness. America demonstrates the Bible’s superior wisdom. That’s not fair to the Koran.

So he will not elevate America above Islam. He acts vengefully against America in order to humble it before Islam. That’s the essence of Islam. Submission.

Barack Obama’s goal with ISIS is to avoid war. So it’s no surprise that he has no strategy to achieve this goal. ISIS are brute animals. What form of diplomacy can you send to negotiate with rabid animals?

I predict it will come to light that the White House send emmisaries to negotiate terms of peace with ISIS, promising to appease them with money, land, oil rights, or formal statehood. But the outreach failed. ISIS’s goal is destruction and domination. There’s no room for compromise.

One last thing.

Obama is a liberal. So naturally he’s supposed to be against war categorically. That’s why the Nobel Committee awarded him the peace prize before his inauguration. And I explained before, he avoids war generally, which leads to more war.

Remember the ironic head bomp of God’s judgement. Obama has ironically started more wars after winning the world’s formost prize for peacemaking.

Obama’s White House overthrew Mormar Qudaffi in Lybia. And in Syria, he was prepared to act directly to overthrow Assad because of WMDs. So he’s certainly not categorically against war.

But what can we say about every military action he’s taken or not taken? In each instance it’s been to the benefit of hardcore Muslims.

Qudaffi was nominally Muslim but overall secular. Assad and Mubarack the same way. When the people of Iran rose against Macmood Amadenigab demanding moderation of Islamic rule, Obama did nothing.

I think the weapons ISIS wields were supplied by Obama. First in Lybia then in Syria.

It’s no surprise Obama says he has no strategy to deal with ISIS. The roof is falling in on him and the walls crumble around him. There’s not even time to sprint for a door.

Jesus said:

Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do what I tell you?

Everyone who comes to me and hears my words and does them, I will show you what he is like: he is like a man building a house, who dug deep and laid the foundation on the rock. And when a flood arose, the stream broke against that house and could not shake it, because it had been well built. But the one who hears and does not do them is like a man who built a house on the ground without a foundation. When the stream broke against it, immediately it fell, and the ruin of that house was great.

What Happens When Isis Gets Fighter Jets?

Guys, I got a couple questions. Do fighter pilots wear boots? And what happens when ISIS gets fighter jets?

The reason I ask this is because when ISIS began its Islamic conquest, President Barack Obama dismissed them as the Junior-Varsity team. He ruled out military action. He said, “We will not put boots on the ground.”

Then as ISIS gained a major foothold, the world’s attention turned to its horrific violence and genocide. Obama was forced to do something. So he sent some American military advisers into Iraq. His motivation was simply to maintain an appearance of leadership. He doesn’t care about Justice.

Then a reporter accidentally asked an honest question. “Do these advisers count as boots on the ground?”

“No, no, no. He meant combat boots on the ground. These advisors wear advisors boots,” to paraphrase Obama spokesmen.

The distinction was important to Obama because Obama is a liberal. He does not believe in evil, so ISIS is not evil. They are just misunderstood. What’s evil to a liberal is war. And combat boots imply war.

So Obama’s battle is not to confront and destroy ISIS, who are evil. Obama’s battle is avoid war. America cannot put combat boots on the ground unless Obama admits defeat on his war against war.

In a War Against War, War Wins.

The first setback in Obama’s war against war is that ISIS killers ran unchecked without some sort of physical military action. So Obama insisted Iraqis fight against ISIS. Wow! What bold leadership! But his mere insistence didn’t motivate Iraqi security forces to charge into battle.

The onus fell on us, so Obama ordered American aircraft to strike ISIS targets on the ground.

So that leads to my first question. What kind of boots do fighter pilots wear? Should I rent Top Gun and look at Tom Cruise’s feet? I think they are black leather boots. Yet somehow these are not combat boots to Obama.

How does Obama have no qualms about ordering airstrikes yet insist we are not engaging in combat? Is it just because the pilots’ boots don’t touch the ground?

No. It’s because the superiority of American airpower renders casualties unlikely. President Birth Control hates risk. Airstrikes allow Obama to do something militarily against ISIS without risking responsibility for casualties.

Just like Pontius Pilot said, “Hey, I don’t want blood on my hands,” Obama performs some mental gymnastics to absolve himself from the responsibility of blood.

Does he actually stop the bloodshed? NO! There is blood flowing in the streets of Mosul. There is blood of Christians crying out to God in the sands of the desert. Obama cannot have any war blood on his hands.

To stop the evil bloodshed in Iraq, we’d need to use our military might. But you liberals gnash your teeth at me for saying that. I’m the bad guy for suggesting war. Not ISIS for waging it.

So that leads me to the next question. What happens when ISIS gets fighter jets? Now I know our Air Force is light years beyond anyone else. However, just to have suicidal Muslims flying Mach 3 poses a threat to our jets. That threat means risk to our airmen.

Again, I doubt that ISIS jets would land a single bullet on an American aircraft. But just to have a Jihadi engage an American in a dogfight would transform that American pilot’s boots into combat boots.

And what would Obama do then? The Nobel Peace Prize winner will have ordered military action that resulted in war.

Look, I don’t want ISIS to get fighter jets. That’s why we need to annihilate them now. The problem is Obama will avoid war until we are annihilated.

Obama And The Foley Funeral

A lot of people wonder why Obama didn’t send anyone over to Jim Foley’s funeral. I mean, he sent a whole phalanx of government representatives to Michael Brown’s funeral. But why not Jim Foley’s?

The epiphany hit me when I reread my last post, “#Isis and #Ferguson.” You should reread it too. It compares the injustice of Obama’s cause in both situations.

So why did Obama ignore Jim Foley? Was it because his funeral was in a Catholic Church? Certainly Obama’s ilk felt much more at home at the black mass held for Michael Brown than a Catholic Mass.

Now I know strictly speaking that funeral wasn’t a black mass like they have in Harvard University or Oklahoma City. But the event was a mass of blacks who weeped and gnashed their teeth because life is so unfair!

The blacks demand justice for Michael Brown. Alright, then. Let’s posmustholy charge the Mr. Brown with assault of a police office with intent to kill. That would be justice. But that’s not what they want!

The Blacks want Officer Darren Wilson punished. As the truth comes out, it looks like Officer Wilson was justified in his use of force, doesn’t it? Therefore what blacks want is Vengence, not justice.

Vengeance is what you want when you want to settle the score. And when do you want to settle the score? When something is unfair to you or your team.

You don’t mind when something is unfair in your favor. But when you or someone on your team gets treated in a way you don’t like, you retaliate.

Obama self-identifies as black. So when a member of his team, a black youth, was shot, it was time to rally the rest of the team to settle the score. That’s vengeance.

(Now, just a side note here. There are two truths you must admit. First, Michael Brown was not a kid. He was a man, just like Treyvon Martin. Second, Obama isn’t really that black. He certainly didn’t have a typical African-American experience growing up in Indonesia.)

So Obama sent his representatives to perpetuate the vengeful attitude in Ferguson, Missouri. His sense of fairness was violated because he identified himself with blacks.

But he did nothing substantial for Jim Foley because his sense of fairness was not violated. Why? Because he does not identify with Jim Foley.

What is Jim Foley? An American. Jim Foley is an American. President Barack Obama does not identify himself with Americans.

Obama Sanctions Won’t Work Because Russians are Communists.

President Obama announced new economic sanctions against Russia today. Guess what. Sanctions won’t work against Russia. They are communists! They place themselves under financial sanctions.

In fact, the Bolsheviks fought a revolutionary war against economic trade in October 1917. So when Obama orders more sanctions, they say, “Thank you, comrade.”

The New York Times reports that “Coordinated Sanctions Aim at Russia’s Ability to Tap Its Oil Reserves.” So Obama is punishing Russia by limiting their ability to drill for oil? Oh, Okay. Then what should we make of Obama’s efforts to limit the United States’ ability to drill for its oil?

I’ll answer for you since you’re too cowardly to criticize our first black president.

Obama’s punishing America.

(And I write this from my Peterbilt in the west Texas oilfield.)

I heard on the radio that Obama wants to hit the Russians by denying them access to important technologies. Could any of those technologies be related to spaceflight?

If so, we should first make sure there are no Americans still up in the international space station. Because the Russians are the only ones who can shuttle our
astronauts back to Earth since Obama put economic sanctions on NASA.

You noticing a pattern here?

Pray to Obama on the National Day of Prayer

Obama, hear our prayer.

Romney Predicted Putin would Invade Ukraine. Wow.

Paul Ryan wants everyone to know Mitt Romney was right. He predicted in the 2012 presidential campaign that Russia was our biggest national security threat, and they would attack Ukraine.

Paul Ryan is like, “Hey everyone, we told you so. That’s amazing right?!”
And everyone is like, *unenthusiastic arrhythmic clapping.*

And he’s waiting for a crescendo of clapping that culminates in a standing ovation, but it just dies out at two or three claps per person. But really only a few people were perfunctorily clapping, and at least one had no idea why.

Then the only noise is Paul Ryan’s heavy breathing into the microphone.
That wasn’t really a bold prediction, buddy. (Sarah Palin made it too.) Saying that Russia would invade an unarmed Ukraine is like saying the New England Patriots will defeat the Buffalo Bills. Okay, by how much? (You want to see a bold Patriots prediction, watch this video.)

When has Russia *not* attacked its neighbors?
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America, Asleep Like Jonah

This Sunday my pastor preached out of the book of Jonah. And we all got a good laugh out of God’s prophet falling asleep in the bottom of the boat during the storm.

Can we Americans really laugh at Jonah? Aren’t we a city on a hill? Yet we are rebelling against God’s commands. There’s a storm brewing all around the globe. Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran are all gearing up for war against us. It would be better for us if we were actually asleep to this storm.

But we’re not. We’re just rolling around the bilge like its a game.

Everything is a game to the over-entertained, sleep-deprived American.

Look at how Sleep is a theme in the Bible. Fools always sleep at the wrong time. For example at harvest when it’s time to work. Or most famously when Jesus asked his disciples to stay alert and pray right before his betrayal.

America found a folly worse than sleep. Entertainment.
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The Most Chilling Words Spoken By Obama. Ever.

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 9.40.43 PM

You would think President Barack Obama would be happy after the debt deal ended the government shutdown. After all, he humiliated the Republicans, who submitted to his will and painfully gave in to his demands. No. You thought wrong. In a news conference today, Obama angrily uttered the most chilling words.

He said, “something something something … don’t listen to blogs, Fox News, or talk radio.”

Was this chilling because the president used his influence to curb free speech? No.

Was it chilling because of the suggestion he’d use his office to intimidate his political opponents? No. I’m not at all surprised by that anymore.

Was it chilling because the president obviously doesn’t have any clear policy objectives, he just wants to destroy one opponent after the other?

No! Look. I’m going to tell you why it’s chilling if you stop asking all these questions.
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America’s Mustache

The ironic thing about ironic is that nobody even knows what ironic means.

The best we can gather is that it has something to do with mustaches.
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The Egg Rule

If you’re like me, the egg is your favorite food. And if you’re like me, you grew up in the 1980s and ’90s under a constant barrage of attacks against egg-eating.

Eggs are bad for you, they’d say. Eggs contain the dietary triumvirate of evil: fat, cholesterol, and sodium. Well, the way that I eat them, they contain a lot of sodium … and ketchup.

Back in the ’90s when I would eat my eggs, on my first omelet, people would say, “Jimmy, you need to get your blood pressure checked. That’s enough salt!” On the second omelet, they would say, “Jimmy, that’s too many eggs. You need to get your cholesterol checked.” And then when I would finish my third omelet and wipe the plate with my buttery toast, my friends would watch me, just counting down the seconds until my imminent death.
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Is Obama the Antichrist?

When George W. Bush was president, he said that he could tell America was praying for him, because he could feel it. He said that numerous times. Do you think that Barack Obama can tell that we Christians are praying for him? I would say that no, he can’t. And the reason is because Christians are NOT praying for Barack Obama. They’re too busy trying to figure out if he’s the antichrist or not.

The Bible says that the antichrist has a miraculous sign: he can call fire down from heaven. Is that food stamps? Because if the fire is not food stamps, I don’t see how Obama could be the antichrist.
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