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Pagan …again!

Guys, when I woke up this morning, I first started thinking about how stupid the name New American Barbarian is. I typed it a bunch of times this weekend as I wrote about the barbaric legal vandalism of Christian civilization as demonstrated in the saga of Kentucky county clerk, Kim Davis.

The feeling wasn’t regret. More like embarrassment. That idea isn’t baked all the way through and the name itself is kinda cumbersome. It’s like when you finish writing a english paper at 2 AM and you think it’s so good you’ll get an A+, but after you hand it in, you’re like, “Dang. That was stupid. Teacher’s probly going to fail me.”

The etymology of New American Barbarian

Our culture hit a steep decline. It’s skidding off the road, plummeting down over a cliff, and bursting into flames. So many preachers and pastors just tisk their tongue and shake their heads. They act like distant bystanders to the cultural slide.

When they try to offer some encouragement to us who want to hold the line and live a godly life, they say something like this: “Well, we’re back to a pagan culture. It’s bad that we returned to the pagan practices you read about in the New Testament. But the good news is that we’re like foreign missionaries in our own country. It just makes our light shine all the brighter! snort Ha!”

No! I disagree. And this is one of the reasons I don’t go to any church anymore. I can’t listen to that malarkey without exploding in anger. (excuse my language.) Read more

Why they put Kim Davis in Jail


Okay guys, yesterday you stumped me and my post kinda fell apart at the end. (read it here.) But I’ve been thinking about a response and I think I have a real zinger.

Basically, you said I made too big a deal of the fact that when they sent Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis to jail they didn’t handcuff her. I claimed that it proved de facto she was not a lawless criminal who deserved jail. What lawless criminal do you lead to jail unhandcuffed?

Apparently some white collar criminals do go to jail on their own volition. Okay. But there’s something more at play. Once you see it, you’ll see it in other places. (I noticed it today in a story we read from the Bible at home church.) Read more

They arrested Kim Davis with Words.

Guys, last night I asked a question, How did they arrest Kim Davis? I wanted to know if they used physical force, such as SWAT teams and handcuffs, or if they used verbal commands.

I did a little research, and there’s only one thing I can say. I PREDICTED THIS!

Taken from yesterday’s CNN.com article, Kim Davis stands firm on same-sex marriage; the Kentucky clerk stays in jail, this quote discusses Kim Davis standing before Judge Bunning who issued a jail sentence:

Bunning said he, too, was religious, but he explained that when he took his oath to become a judge, that oath trumped his personal beliefs, the station reported.

“Her good faith belief is simply not a viable defense,” Bunning said.

Davis thanked the judge for his ruling, according to WKYT. She was not placed in handcuffs, but a U.S. marshal led her out of the courtroom.

Celebrations and protests erupted outside the courthouse in Ashland when those who attended the hearing exited the courtroom with news of the decision. Chants of “Love won! Love won!” filled the air.

We’re going to analyze everything in this quote, but I put the pertinent detail in bold, “She was not placed in handcuffs.” So let’s think about this first. Read more

How did they arrest Kim Davis?

Guys, the past couple days have been busy at work. I’ve only been able to follow the Kim Davis saga in bits and pieces as time and data rates have allowed. So I know that they locked up the county clerk from Kentucky who refused to issue gay marriage licenses. But I got a question. How did they arrest her? Read more