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Mummies had Heart Disease. I predicted this.

mummies had heart disease

Science said Yummy Mummy gave you heart disease. Now it says mummies had heart disease. (photo courtesy traci*s_retro)

“Atherosclerosis is thought to be a disease of modern human beings and related to contemporary lifestyles.”

This above quote begins a summary of the Horus Study, published in the Lancet Journal. In the Horus Study, a team of scientists CT scanned mummies’ hearts. These mummies were from long-ago ages and distant lands that did not have Burger King. They discovered that mummies had heart disease. I predicted this.

Atherosclerosis is heart disease, btw. It’s when the pipes to the heart get clogged. And I also want to point out that the mummies didn’t get heart disease. It was the people who while living got heart disease. Then when they died they became mummies. Mummies with Atherosclerosis.

How could I have predicted that? Because I insist science is a fallacy. I believe the highest source of wisdom and knowledge is God’s revelation, the Bible. In the Bible we have the ancient saints eating fat, salt, and cholesterol. And creator God condoned it.

But we live in a society that rejected God and propped up Science as the highest form of wisdom and knowledge. Not only that, but the science worshipers mocked those who follow God by faith.

When you reject God he gives you over to what you rejected him for and you ironically prove God’s wisdom.

So science started teaching us to avoid fatty food claiming it’s bad for you. People blindly followed this teaching by faith. What fools!

The whole idea that fat is bad for you is exactly why I say science is a fallacy. Read more

Matters of Eating Don’t Matter

There are three great follies that afflict Christian America. Actually, there are four. Either way, a lot of people read the Three Great Follies post.

In the response to the first folly, ” ‘health’ ‘food,’ ” a lot of people were like, “Jimmy, the kingdom of heaven is not a matter of eating and drinking.”
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Good News Diet

Have you ever heard someone say, “I wish there was a diet where you could eat whatever you want.”

Good news. I wrote that diet. It’s called The Livet.
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Eggs are not Satanic

Practice what you preach. A lot of people are wondering if I practice what I preach.

Well what am I preaching? I’m going around preaching that God has given you the freedom to eat whatever you want. So the question is, Do I eat whatever I want?
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Three Great Follies of Christian America (actually four)

There are three great follies afflicting Christian America. Actually, there are four.

The first folly: health food. Or as I call it, ” ‘health’ ‘food’ “. Because it isn’t healthy, and it isn’t food. The margarine is always worse than the butter. And yet here we are banning butter, and dictating that we all need to eat margarine.

The second folly: green technologies. The thing about green technologies is that they’re not totally organic. There’s a lot of iron-y in them. Green technologies pollute more than brown technologies.

The third folly: birth control. I know you don’t want to hear this. Every human being agrees that the biggest problem on this planet is human beings. And human beings’ solution to the problem of human beings is for there to be fewer human beings. This is folly. It is not God’s wisdom. This is human being wisdom. God’s solution is to redeem human beings. You can have as many human beings as you want to have. God can redeem them through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus. There’s wisdom.

The fourth folly: I’m not going to reveal yet. I will reveal it later depending on how these first three follies are regarded.

Women, Keep Silent in Church

The main difference between men and women is that women have breasts. The Bible says that a woman’s breasts are used to please her husband. “Rejoice in the wife of your youth … let her breasts fill you at all times with delight.” (Bible, page 452)

Now, in doing that, one thing leads to another, and then, eventually, that woman has a baby. Read more

Does God Care About What You Eat?

When I say, “God doesn’t care about what you eat,” don’t think that God doesn’t care about every detail of your life. He cares about you so much he sent his Son into the world to save you from your sins. But Jesus did not come into the world to save you from the sin of Twinkies. You need to understand sin according to God’s standard.

Sin is disobedience that arises from pride and lack of faith. “Things done without faith are sin.” So says Scripture. You could eat all health food every meal. But without faith, your diet is nothing but sin. We could even do good deeds. But without faith, even our good acts are as awful as undeniably awful acts. To make matters worse for us, we all commit undeniably awful acts.
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The Egg Rule

If you’re like me, the egg is your favorite food. And if you’re like me, you grew up in the 1980s and ’90s under a constant barrage of attacks against egg-eating.

Eggs are bad for you, they’d say. Eggs contain the dietary triumvirate of evil: fat, cholesterol, and sodium. Well, the way that I eat them, they contain a lot of sodium … and ketchup.

Back in the ’90s when I would eat my eggs, on my first omelet, people would say, “Jimmy, you need to get your blood pressure checked. That’s enough salt!” On the second omelet, they would say, “Jimmy, that’s too many eggs. You need to get your cholesterol checked.” And then when I would finish my third omelet and wipe the plate with my buttery toast, my friends would watch me, just counting down the seconds until my imminent death.
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School Lunch Rebels, I Stand With You

The United States government cares about what you eat. The United States government does not care about who you have sex with. God cares about who you have sex with. God does not care about what you eat.

This may be shocking for some people to hear. But today’s high school kids know this all too well. They’re revolting against the restrictive meal plans imposed by the United States government.

I predicted this.
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Christians for Salt

If you deny God’s wisdom, and you find something else that’s foolishness but you say it’s wiser than God’s wisdom, and you deny God’s wisdom in order to embrace that foolishness; God will give you over to that foolishness completely, and you will ironically prove His wisdom.

This is the case with America, and Christians in America. We believe that science is higher than God’s wisdom. God has given us over to our foolishness known as science, and we ironically prove His wisdom through it.

Think, for example, about salt. Science teaches us that salt is bad, and our government, which represents us, is on a crusade against salt. The fact is, Jesus told His followers, “You are the salt of the earth.” And he meant that in a good way, because salt is a nutrient.
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Why I Hate ” ‘Health’ ‘Food’ “

Christian America suffers three great follies. Actually there are four, but I have not revealed the fourth one yet.

The first folly is health food. Or as I call it, ” ‘health’ ‘food’ “. It isn’t healthy, and it isn’t food.

Some Christians are a little bit bothered by this, thinking that I’m looking for some sort of salvation based on Twinkies. Well, that’s not the case. There’s nothing that you can put in your mouth and chew that will save you, except for the bread of life, of course.

The reason I believe this is because I love Jesus, and I revere his Word. That’s where my hatred for the foolishness of health food comes from. If you want to take a Bible journey with me to understand this, then turn to page 852.
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The Livet

“Diet is die with a T.” Quote: Garfield the cat.

Fat is a nutrient. Salt is a nutrient. Cholesterol is a nutrient.

The diet tells you, “don’t eat fat.” The diet tells you, “don’t eat salt.” The diet tells you, “don’t eat cholesterol.”

But these are nutrients, and if you don’t eat nutrients, you starve. And when you starve, you die.

Diet is die with a T. There’s wisdom in Garfield.

That is why I wrote The Livet.
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