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Great Green Commission

A lot of Christians don’t like my Three Great Follies. Well actually, there are four. You can read the post here. Some people really don’t like the second folly, green technologies. They don’t like that I am against green technologies.

Well, it’s Jesus Christ who said to go out into all the earth and make disciples and baptize them. (Bible, page 621) The spirit of God says to go out into the earth. The spirit of green technologies says to stay home. Don’t go anywhere that you cannot reach without your bicycle.

Let me ask you something about your church. Your youth group wants to do a service mission in down east Maine. Are you going to send them from Boston to Maine on bicycles? If you believe in green technologies, you should.
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Uncap and Trade

I am not against birth control. I just think that it should be taxed to the point where you can go bankrupt for using it.
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Three Great Follies of Christian America (actually four)

There are three great follies afflicting Christian America. Actually, there are four.

The first folly: health food. Or as I call it, ” ‘health’ ‘food’ “. Because it isn’t healthy, and it isn’t food. The margarine is always worse than the butter. And yet here we are banning butter, and dictating that we all need to eat margarine.

The second folly: green technologies. The thing about green technologies is that they’re not totally organic. There’s a lot of iron-y in them. Green technologies pollute more than brown technologies.

The third folly: birth control. I know you don’t want to hear this. Every human being agrees that the biggest problem on this planet is human beings. And human beings’ solution to the problem of human beings is for there to be fewer human beings. This is folly. It is not God’s wisdom. This is human being wisdom. God’s solution is to redeem human beings. You can have as many human beings as you want to have. God can redeem them through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus. There’s wisdom.

The fourth folly: I’m not going to reveal yet. I will reveal it later depending on how these first three follies are regarded.