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Faith is not the opposite of reason.


faith vs reason

Does faith stand contrary to reason?

Faith is not the opposite of reason. I’m sick and tired of atheists on Twitter pitting faith against reason. 

They act like intellectual giants because they reject religion. They say that rather than put their faith in religion, they will use reason. You know. Like science and stuff.

Okay. Well, let me explain what atheists fail to understand about faith and reason. It highlights the deliciously ironic fatal flaw of atheists.  Read more

Spiritual Juggalos

christians against scienceFor years people have been falling over themselves to show how subservient they are to science. They’ve been desperate to prove they have no spiritual sentiment. Christians especially. Some black-hearted liberal comes along and taunts, “What are you, AGAINST SCIENCE?” and bullies everyone into submission. But not me.

Yes, black hearted liberal, I am against science. Read more

The Revealer Reveals what the Creator Creates.

A lot of people have trouble with the first page of the Bible where God describes how He created the universe.

These people are like, “I just can’t reconcile science to the Bible!” And it bothers them.

Listen, I hate to see you in such pain. You’re obviously in anguish over this. So just give up your faith in God. Read more