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Donald Sterling, Magic Johnson, and Condoms.

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 10.28.03 AMWhat if Donald Sterling had uttered his racist words into a condom? That’s what I ask myself as I a marvel at how thin-skinned and immature some American blacks are. Especially Magic Johnson.

Part of maturity is understanding when to ignore an insult and when to respond. I’m not very far down that road, but I’m certainly further along than Magic. He just tattle-taled!

I imagine the commissioner was busy in an NBA boardroom meeting when Magic Johnson burst in, tears steaming down his cheeks and a pouty bottom lip.

“Lil’ Magic JonJon! What’s wrong?”

“Mr. Commissioner, Mr. Commissioner! Donald Sterling said nasty racist things about me!”

The commissioner pats Magic Johnson on the head. “There, there, lil’ Magic JonJon. Did the big, mean Donald Sterling hurt your widdle feewings?”

Magic Johnson nods yes through sobs.

“Aw! How about I take his team away?”

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