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The Feeding Jimmy Christmas Podcast

Merry Christmas, guys. It’s the feedingjimmy.com Christmas Podcast!

Now I know what some of you are saying. You’re saying, “Jimmy, Christmas is over.”

No. Not so. Christmas traditionally begins on Christmas. It lasts for 12 days. It ends on Three Kings Day — traditionally.

So why don’t we Christians fight to return to the traditional observance of Christmas rather than this massive commercial cumulation that ends abruptly on Christmas day?

Who has that emotional energy to fight for a return to traditional Christmas?

I don’t.

Especially not with atheists snidely telling us that traditionally Christmas is not a Christian holiday at all.

That’s the main point of the feedingjimmy.com Christmas Podcast. I mainly discuss the points of my last post, I learned about the Pagan origins of Christmas – At Church.

But I also talk about how Christmas is for hoarders.

So give it a listen!

Thanks, guys. Oh, and Merry Christmas!

A Christian Response to Ferguson

What should the Christian response to Ferguson be? Well, first of all, it should be immediatly practical and based on the Bible’s wisdom. Right now as I write this, blacks are rioting in Ferguson. That’s the first challenge we Christians must take on.

We can get the Blacks to stop rioting based on the wisdom of the Bible. It’s really easy. Here’s how:

Missouri Governor Nixon should shut off all EBT cards and food stamps until the rioting stops. This will work so well that he can send the cops home and save all the overtime pay. Read more

Why I Won’t See “God’s Not Dead.” (SPOILER ALERT: I’m a Christian)

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 12.19.32 AMGuys, stop texting me “God’s not dead.” I already know that. And if this is some ploy to get me to see some movie it won’t work.

I refuse to see God’s Not Dead.

Everyone just gasped like I said something heretical. And one person pipes up and is like, “Jimmy, it’s your Christian patriotic duty to buy tickets to that movie.”

Huh? So now I’m Christian Benedict Arnold. Can you tell me what God’s Not Dead is about?

“Jimmy, it’s a totally awesome movie. This wicked smart kid goes to college where this atheistic professor tries to destroy his faith and –” Read more

Jesus. The Ultimate Pacifist?

Jesus Pacifist

The rider on the white horse signing peace treaties. by Viktor Vasnetsov

A few of my Facebook friends linked up a Huffington Post article by Jonathan D. Fitzgerald, called “The Christian Pacifist Response to the Newtown Tragedy.” Now, I guess pacifists can be Christians too. But as I read the article it became clear that Mr. Fitzgerald and the Huffington Post commenters thought that Jesus was a pacifist. That’s stupid. It’s like saying Jesus is a vegetarian. It’s wrong and easy to disprove. Just read the Bible.

Some people right now are like, “Jimmy! How can you say that?” Read more

Everybody Hates Me. Everybody hopes I die.

Everybody hates feedingjimmy.com. Everybody hates me. Everybody hopes I die.

Right now some people are like, “Oh, Jimmy. That’s awful to say that.”

No. It’s not. Because now I know how the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase felt and it’s exhilarating.

But anyways, part of the reason people hate me is because of the firm stance I’ve taken that Jesus Christ is God and his revelation in the Bible is the highest truth and greatest knowledge. Read more