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Inoculated Against Racism

When reasonable white Americans criticize our president, we are met with the charge of racism. When we suggest a reduction in welfare spending, we are accused of being racist. We are racist to insist that America secure its southern border. If we are patriotic and proud, we are made to feel guilty. Why? The United States of America is racist. In fact, any word we utter is a racist dog whistle.

Okay, if everything we say is racist, we are left with only one recourse. Read more

Affirmative Irony

The ironic thing about irony is that nobody even knows what ironic means. God knows what ironic means. He doesn’t tell us the definition. He demonstrates it. And ironically we prove what irony means. When we deny God’s wisdom and embrace folly, God gives us over to that folly. Thereby, we prove his wisdom. That process, irony, is hard to explain but easy to see.

Affirmative action is not Biblical. Read more