Stinky Faith

Seventy to eighty percent of Christian high school kids who go to church and youth group walk away from the faith when they go to college. That’s a statistic that I heard today on the AM radio on the Focus on the Family program. They had as their guests, the authors of “Sticky Faith“, which seeks to cultivate a strong faith in high school kids, so that when they get to college, they can weather all the pressures and temptations that they will face that war against their faith.

When I heard that statistic, I thought about my video, “Alternative Commencement Address“. My advice to high school Christians is to not go to college. That’s what we should teach our kids, if 70-80% of them walk away from the faith while in college, then they just shouldn’t go.

Some of you may be asking, what should Christian kids do instead? Well, as I said in the alternative commencement address, they should 1. get a job, 2. get married, and 3. get pregnant. Don’t go to college; there’s no wisdom there.

There’s another statistic from the authors of “Sticky Faith,” and that is that of those who walked away from the faith in college, 50% of them returned to their faith further down the road. And what precipitated that was getting married and having kids. Proof positive!

Only Christians would send their horny 18-year olds to a big building with a bunch of horny 18-year old girls with no rules and no supervision, and then act surprised when those kids get drunk and fornicate.  This isn’t Biblical wisdom! The Bible says, if you can’t control yourself sexually, just get married! It’s your right as a Christian, and we should tell our 18-year olds that.

Get a job, get married, and have kids. You can cut out all that in-between time during which your faith is shipwrecked. I know that’s controversial nowadays, but that’s wisdom from the Bible.

What I’m cultivating is something called “Stinky Faith”. I don’t wear deodorant, and neither did Jesus. Well, he had deodorant on his feet once. Perfume. But the Bible says that we are the aroma of Christ to those who are being saved and those who are dying. And it suggest that being the aroma means that we need to be sincere.

We are sincere in our faith when we live out the rules for holy living. Part of the rules for holy living is the wisdom in the Bible. One of those aspects of wisdom is to avoid debt. And college wants you to incur debt. The smart thing to do would be to avoid tempting situations. And college is just one big sexual temptation.

The Bible says that Wisdom is in the marketplace, it’s in the crossroads; Wisdom calls aloud from the streets. In other words, AM radio.

So, check out my alternative commencement address. And if you agree with this blog post, by all means, send it to your grandkids in an email forward.

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