Should the Republicans negotiate with Obama?

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Should the Republicans negotiate with Obama?


Listen. I hate when preachers preach about preaching. I hate it when people talk about talking. I hate reading about writing. If you’re gonna preach, then just preach. If you want to say something, then just talk. If you want to write, please write about something other than writing. Okay? And I hate when people negotiate about negotiating.

Right now the Republicans are negotiating about negotiating with Obama. If the Republicans want to negotiate with Obama, they need to do it without talking to him.

Let me teach you a little bit about reality. Negotiating isn’t about talking. Talking is only a part of negotiation.

You negotiate with someone when you want something from someone, and he wants something from you. Say you go into a store, and ask for something cheaper than the listed price. You’re not going to just get it. You need some sort of leverage. So you talk to the storekeeper and express interest in something. Just when he thinks he’s made a sale, you start walking away. Then the storekeeper scrambles and gives up some ground, bringing the price closer to what you want.

It’s not talking that did this. It’s the fact that you did something. You started walking away.

Mere talk leads only to poverty.

Barack Obama isn’t going to negotiate, because he doesn’t know how. Remember when John Kerry and Barack Obama were running for President? Each one of them said that Bush was a dummy. Why was Bush a dummy? Because he used military action to constrain Iran and its evil intentions. John Kerry and Barack Obama both thought that they could get the job done by just talking to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Remember, mere talk leads only to poverty. You can’t get anything done with talking.

When it comes to negotiation, talking is just a part of that. The other part is a give and take. But Barack Obama won’t give anything to the Republicans. He sees the Republicans as his enemy. Why? Remember, a liberal misunderstands the nature of God, and isn’t grounded in reality. [See my post from a year ago, The problem with America and her church.] Barack Obama’s enemies are God and reality. The Republicans are the closest thing he gets to God and reality to fight against.

Obama will talk to, and give ground to, Iran. He’ll talk to, and give ground to, the Soviets. But he won’t talk to or give ground to the Republicans. Because in his mind, they’re the real enemies.

So this talk about negotiation is a huge waste of time. We need to stop negotiating with Obama. Republicans need to use the power they have Constitutionally to stand up and oppose Obama. Who cares what he thinks? Who cares what anyone thinks? The survival of our country is at stake. We need to stop Obamacare using every measure possible, including kamikaze methods.

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  1. Mom says:

    Holding people hostage is not fair negotiating. The Affordable Care Act and the budget are two separate issues and should be treated separately. And please do not say I don’t believe in God. Be sure to study Romans 13.

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