Should Christians support Trump’s ban on Muslims?

Trump announced he would ban immigration to the United States by Muslims. A lot of Christians wonder if they should support this ban. 

Actually, let me take that back. A lot of idiot Christians wonder if they should support this ban. Those of us Christians with brains are standing and applauding. Finally someone is running for political office who stands for justice. 

Ban Muslim immigration!  

Right now some of these idiot Christians are aghast. “But Jimmy, we need to stand for religious freedom.”

No we don’t. We need to stand for the Gospel. 

Look, religious freedom is a good thing. It creates a just and peaceful society. Since Jesus Christ is the prince of peace who brought “justice to victory” on the cross, we should support religous freedom whenever possible. 

But religous freedom isn’t possible with Muslims. Let me explain with an example. 

I moved from Boston to west Texas a couple years ago. Out here everyone is a Baptist. That means they believe that only adults should be baptized, not infants.

But when I was an infant, my parents got me baptized. 

So imagine when I rolled into town the county sheriff and his posse surrounded me. And he sauntered up with his spurs jangling and said, “We don’t want your infant baptizing kind around here.  So why don’t you move along to Mexico?”

Then he spat tobacco spittle on my shoe. 

That would be terrible, right? I mean, what is baptism? You just dunk someone in water. (Or sprinkle with water. But that’s another debate.) Baptism is religiously significant to some Christians, but physically no big deal. It’s no different than bathing. It’s just water. 

So it would be unjust to prohibit someone from doing something religous for religous reasons. Typical religous things don’t cause anyone else actual harm. 

Our opposition to Muslims isn’t based on their religous beliefs. It’s based on our basic desire for survival.  

What Muslims do causes other people harm. I don’t care about the religous things they believe. It’s the blood and carnage they bring that demands we keep them out. 

Muslims don’t eat pork? I don’t care. Muslim women wear headscarves? I don’t care. They think Mohammad is a prophet? I don’t care. Mohammed is dead. There’s nothing he can do to me. 

But when Mohammed’s followers detonate a homemade pressure cooker bomb at the Boston marathon, I care. 

Do I religiously object to killing innocent people? Is that just a trivial religous belief? Is killing someone a contentious religous topic like infant baptism? 

How many infants died when the minister sprinkled water on their heads in the name of the father, son, and Holy Ghost?

How many young girls were injured when their Muslim fathers brutally cut off their clitorises with their hunting knives? 

I’d sure say a lot of people died when Muslims killed them. 

Right now some people are like, “but Jimmy, not all Muslims are killers.”

Oh, reeeeeeeeeealy?! You don’t say!

Well guess what. Islam justifies massacre. Islam does not exist anywhere else except in the minds of  Muslims. If we want to keep Islam out, we need to keep Muslims out. 

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