Seeker Insensitive

seeker sensitive

This neighborhood wasn’t seeker sensitive.

Hello, I’m Jimmy Kinkade. Welcome to We hold out the Gospel of Jesus Christ by making an example of food folly. I want to warn you readers that we are not seeker sensitive. In fact, we are seeker insensitive. Say, for example, you are rich and you want to know how to get saved. We will tell you to sell everything you have, give it to the poor, and we’ll laugh as you leave. We’ll be laughing at something unrelated that I said earlier, but you will think we are laughing at you. Your feelings will be hurt and you’ll sob quietly to yourself.

See what I’m saying? We’re not seeker sensitive.

The problem with seekers is that they never stop seeking. They are like students who never graduate. They want to reconcile religion and science before they decide to follow Jesus. Unfortunately the deep mysteries of universe can’t be explained succinctly in a 30-minute Discovery Channel documentary.

Even when a seeker reads a hearty chunk of Scripture that should answer some burning riddle, he cues up U2’s “Still Haven’t Found,” and proudly presents another burning riddle.

What honors God is faith. He wants to see faith in you. Faith is not about believing in God despite evidence to the contrary. There is no evidence contrary to God. He is the creator of the universe. Faith is believing in God despite doubt. Let God be the author of your faith in him.

When a kid stands at the side of a pool dipping his toe in the water too scared to leap, it’s cute. When a grown man does the same thing it’s shameful. Especially when he’s wearing swimmies. He should be doing a cannon ball, but he’s distracted himself with, “What is more carcinogenic, the sun or sunscreen?”


The Christian life is either a suicide jump, or the best trick dive ever. You’re on the ledge on the 30th story of a high-rise with a small pool below. Everyone else stands below and yells up to you, “Be safe, don’t jump.” I cue up Van Halen’s song, “Jump” because Van Halen is so dang inspirational. Look, my hair is wet, too. I made the leap. Head first. You can jump feet first, whatever. But stop being such a pussy. It’s making me sick.

Poop or get off the pot (whatever that means.) 

Jesus Christ said of his kingdom that it’s violently advancing and violent men grab ahold of it. (Bible, Matthew 11:12) What does Jesus mean, “violent?” I don’t know. It’s a riddle. Maybe he remembers wrestling with Jacob centuries early. Know what I’m talking about? It’s in the Bible, on page 122.

And Jacob arose that night and took his two wives, his two female servants, and his eleven sons, and crossed over the ford of Jabbok. He took them, sent them over the brook, and sent over what he had. Then Jacob was left alone; and a Man wrestled with him until the breaking of day. Now when He saw that He did not prevail against him, He touched the socket of his hip; and the socket of Jacob’s hip was out of joint as He wrestled with him. And He said, “Let Me go, for the day breaks.”

But he said, “I will not let You go unless You bless me!”

So He said to him, “What is your name?”

He said, “Jacob.”

And He said, “Your name shall no longer be called Jacob, but Israel; for you have struggled with God and with men, and have prevailed.”

Then Jacob asked, saying, “Tell me Your name, I pray.”

And He said, “Why is it that you ask about My name?” And He blessed him there.

So Jacob called the name of the place Peniel: “For I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved.” Just as he crossed over Penuel the sun rose on him, and he limped on his hip. Therefore to this day the children of Israel do not eat the muscle that shrank, which is on the hip socket, because He touched the socket of Jacob’s hip in the muscle that shrank.

What would a seeker do if this mysterious, heavenly wrestler appeared before him? He’d run away faster than “Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart runs from the Ultimate Warrior in the seconds before a countout. Seekers don’t want to know the truth. An encounter with a Holy God is an encounter with how wretched and unholy our lives are. It’s difficult. It means our lives, actions, and hearts must change. That change is violent.

If someone honestly doesn’t know that answers to life’s riddles, I can point to the answers in the Bible. After you read that, don’t pretend that you still don’t know. You do know. You don’t want violent change.

*Looks at watch* Listen, we don’t have time to coddle you. We need to move on to people who have not even heard the Good News and the food eating freedom in Jesus Christ.

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