The Revealer Reveals what the Creator Creates.

A lot of people have trouble with the first page of the Bible where God describes how He created the universe.

These people are like, “I just can’t reconcile science to the Bible!” And it bothers them.

Listen, I hate to see you in such pain. You’re obviously in anguish over this. So just give up your faith in God. That’s what you want, isn’t it? You’re looking for an “out.” It just seems so preposterous. You want to follow along with the crowd and worship science. That’s fine, okay? Jesus Christ said that in the end times the love of many will grow cold. So just put out the fire of your faith and move along.

This is a bad thing to walk away from the faith, yes. But let me tell you something that’s worse. Compromising your faith. That is an apostasy. When you say, “Well, page one of the Bible is more poetic than scientifically factual,” let me tell you something. That is apostasy.

The Bible is truth. There is no lie. The problem is that we Americans hold science in higher regard than we do God’s Word revealed to us in Scripture.

The words of page 1 have always been true, because they reflect a reality that only God can know. In all of the years since Moses first put pen to paper, they have only been proven true, and never disproven. But still, there’s a lot of doubt about the Bible.

Well guess what. I cast doubt on science. You might want to know what it’s like to cast doubt. Well, it’s a lot like casting a fishing lure into a pond. The pond is science. Instead of a fishing lure, it’s a big ol’ hunk of doubt. I cast doubt on science because the people who are involved in it believe that their exercise is void of God. They say that the first step is to understand that God’s not here. That’s contrary to Scripture.

As a result, science is infested with demons. Science is the place for demonic teaching. What science believes does not reflect reality. The Bible reflects reality. It is reality.

Let me tell you what I believe. I believe that we are just around the corner from fantastic discoveries. These discoveries will be found using objective reasoning and empirical evidence. But these are hidden from us. The Bible says that it is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but it is the glory of a king to discover a matter. (Bible, page 589) I believe that we are just around the corner from discovering something great, but God is concealing it from us. Why? Because what God wants to see is faith. If you first believe the Bible, then you will have the sweet fruit of your faith.

Now this sounds kind of cryptic. Some people are like, “Jimmy, what are you even talking about?”

What I’m talking about is people who are scientists and everyone who believes in science. They need to renounce science and believe in God and His Bible first. Then they can believe that God will reveal something fantastic to us. Something that proves the Bible so much that you would need to be given over to demonic delusions, such as Pharaoh was, to not believe it. Pharaoh saw amazing things. The Nile turned to blood. Fields and homes were overrun with frogs and locusts. All the firstborn boys in Egypt were killed. Pharaoh saw amazing things but still did not believe. God hardened his heart.

I think that God can reveal to us something that is that powerful, but we must first deny science and believe in Him and His Word. That’s what I believe.

Some people are like, “Jimmy, what are you even talking about, specifically?”

Well just for an example, what about archaeological discoveries such as the Ark of the Covenant? Something along those lines. But since we’re talking about the first page of the Bible and the Creation story, let me use my imagination Muppet Baby-style for a second. Imagine someone’s doing their own walkabout in Antarctica, and there’s some ice breaking away. Under that ice, there’s land. You go over there, and omg there’s a T-rex! Stuff like that.

So, I’m calling everyone to deny science and believe the Bible. God will prove page 1. But first you need faith. Where there’s a little bit of doubt, you need a lot of faith. When there is no doubt, there can’t be faith, because faith is how you obey when you’re surrounded by doubt.

Do you believe God, or don’t you? Do you love God, or don’t you? If you don’t love God and you don’t want to obey Him, then get lost. OK?

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