Russians Stockpile Doomsday Salt

Russians salt.Drudge had up this article from the Telegraph about how Russians are gearing up for the Mayan calandar December 21 doomsday and hoarding salt.(Russian residents buy up tinned goods and matches ahead of apocalypse) Here’s a curious part, germane to

In an editorial on Friday, the Moscow broadsheet Vedomosti said the atmosphere of unease reflected something deep in the Russian character. “Your average American will run for salt and matches only under the real threat of a storm or tornado, announced by the authorities for the next day.
“Our Russian psychosis has two curious features. Firstly, that an 80 per cent Christian Orthodox society for some reason reacts to a Mayan calendar which no one has even seen. And secondly, that the end of the world is perceived as an economic crisis that can be survived on the banal level of consumption.”

Talk about cultural misconceptions. When Mr. Vedomosti sees Americans swarming the grocery stores ahead of a hurricane, he thinks we’re clamoring for salt. Nyet. Americans don’t get salt. We’re getting the infamous french toast ingredients, milk, bread, and eggs. (Actually, Egg Beater brand fat free egg substitute.)

Americans think salt is bad. Why would they get salt ahead of a storm? Americans can’t even keep their shovel through the summer, and we’re at the hardware store the first sign of blizzard.

So the Russians, besides being duped by this Myan Calendar doomsday, are smart enough to get salt. Salt is a nutrient. And a preservative, useful in a situation without refrigeration. Am I wrong in assuming that’s why the Russians are getting salt? Perhaps I’m suffering a cultural misconception.

But anyways, it has me thinking again about the Frankenstorm of food stupids. In an actual survivalist event, many Americans aren’t going to know that they need to eat fat, salt, and cholesterol to survive. Falsely restricting your diet is the activity of a society with too much leisure time.

It also has me thinking about how the response to Hurricane Sandy could have been better if more New Yorkers had a salty egg, bacon, and cheese breakfast sandwich before dealing with the damage. Remember Mayor Bloomberg wouldn’t feed the homeless anything besides health food?

So if you’re going to put some food away for a disaster, remember, health food isn’t healthy and it isn’t food. You’ll be unable to stop yourself from following the Livet in a survivalist situation. So do like the Russians, and get some iodized salt.

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