Romney Predicted Putin would Invade Ukraine. Wow.

Paul Ryan wants everyone to know Mitt Romney was right. He predicted in the 2012 presidential campaign that Russia was our biggest national security threat, and they would attack Ukraine.

Paul Ryan is like, “Hey everyone, we told you so. That’s amazing right?!”
And everyone is like, *unenthusiastic arrhythmic clapping.*

And he’s waiting for a crescendo of clapping that culminates in a standing ovation, but it just dies out at two or three claps per person. But really only a few people were perfunctorily clapping, and at least one had no idea why.

Then the only noise is Paul Ryan’s heavy breathing into the microphone.
That wasn’t really a bold prediction, buddy. (Sarah Palin made it too.) Saying that Russia would invade an unarmed Ukraine is like saying the New England Patriots will defeat the Buffalo Bills. Okay, by how much? (You want to see a bold Patriots prediction, watch this video.)

When has Russia *not* attacked its neighbors?

The noteworthy thing here is how the liberals scoffed at Romney’s prediction. They said it was preposterous. The reactions are well documented at by Noah Rothman. Read it.

A stone is heavy, sand is weighty,
but a fool’s provocation is heavier than both.

It’s funny because it demonstrates as clear as day how delusional liberals are. They become delusional by denying God and thereby they deny the nature of reality. Liberals can’t believe that evil men exist–let alone that an evil man would attack another country.

Remember–to a liberal, evil is not evil. Evil is he who believes in a good God. So if a communist dictator would invade an unarmed country then extort it, repress it, and plunder its resources, *that’s* not bad. Well not bad enough to act. But if a Christian organization wants to ban gay marriage HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Get your assault rifle. We’re going on a comic book style shooting rampage at the Family Research Council headquarters. We’ll ironically stuff Chick-fil-A in the mouths of the dead Christians.

If you think it was bold to predict in 2012 that Putin would invade Ukraine, watch this. I predict China will invade Taiwan.

Whoa, right? Make fun of me now but when it happens imagine me saying “I predicted this.”

So I just want to ask Paul Ryan a question. If Romney is so smart and so bold, how come he couldn’t change the debate moderators in the Republican primary? Why was he fielding loaded questions from Democrats like James Carvel about birth control? (In the *primary.*) How could Romney outwit Soviet subterfuge if he could not outwit liberal American media chicanery?

If Romney was to be so tough against communists, how come he wasn’t tough against Democrats? If Putin was so bad and had to be stopped for the sake of free civilization, why couldn’t Romney stop Barack Obama?

No. And this proves a point I made before. Republicans are more scared of being called racist than they are of soviet dictators.

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