Patriots Prediction vs. Giants – Week 10 – 2015

Guys, a lot of people think the New York Giants and Coach Tom Coughlin have the Patriots number.

Yes, they won some big victories over the Patriots. But here’s how they did it: Coughlin made his athletes play good fundamentals.

Fundamentals. that’s what the patriots’ victims stray away from. For some reason they think they need to play in a fancy pants, funky, tricky-dick way.

The Giants can play good fundamentals today, but here’s the problem: They don’t have the same athletes. A lot of the talent isn’t there this year.

Peterbilt Keys to the Game

The key to this game is to bump and hit Shane Vareen to negate the quick, short pass for the Giants’ quarterback, Eli Manning. Make him throw deep right into Duran Harmon’s hands.

Eli Manning is too stupid to know he should lose. That’s the strength of his stupidity. The weakness of his stupidity is that he’s poor at managing the clock. Watch to see if he flubs the end of the half.


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