Osmotic Oppression

Osmotic pressure is the pressure that stops the process of osmosis, which is water flowing through a semi-permeable membrane. How many of you remember that from tenth grade biology?

Yes, I Once Took a Science Class
A lot of people reading this right now were in that class with me. How many of you remember when we had that experiment requiring uric acid? We couldn’t find it. I though it must have been a clever test of our resourcefulness. Uric acid must be in urine, right? Well then, excuse me while I fill this graduated cylinder. But it turned out that uric acid was actually in the back cabinet, and it was not a test of our resourcefulness, and … Jimmy, why did you do that! Good thing there are sinks all around a lab room.

Osmotic pressure. Now, you have on one side of the membrane, an aqueous solution of a certain concentration, and an aqueous solution of a different concentration on the other side. The water will flow from one side of the other, depending on the concentration of the solute.

The cells in your body have semi-permeable membranes. If the osmotic pressure inside the cell is too much, the cell will swell. If the osmotic pressure outside the cell is too much, the cell will shrivel.

When the fluids are allowed to flow freely in and out of the cell, you have an equilibrium, and everything works smoothly.

Water Intoxication. Who knew?
Now the solute in this aqueous solution is SALT. Sodium chloride. When the United States government, and every authority figure in your life, bows its knee to science, they tell you that you must not eat salt. So what’s happening is that the aqueous solution outside the cells of your body do not have enough salt. Therefore the cells swell inside your body. In your brain, this causes all sorts of bad things to happen! This is detrimental to your health!

You are over-hydrated. The cells in your blood are swelling. The cells in your brain are swelling. At the very least, you will have a light-headed inability to think. You’ll be in a haze. You’ll be confused. You’ll make irrational decisions.

Is it any wonder that Michelle Obama wants you to abstain from salt? Is it any wonder that Michelle Obama wants you to eat a low-sodium snack followed by a gallon of water before going to the polls today? Voting for Barack Obama is an irrational decision.

But it goes even deeper than that. You could die if you did not eat enough salt, and drank too much water. It’s called water intoxication.

Water. Pound it!
If you go to your place of employment, you’ll probably find a poster admonishing you to drink as much water as you can. Even if you are not thirsty, to drink more water. I mean, what could be wrong with drinking water?

Well, drinking water could be wrong if you don’t have enough salt in your diet. For example, if you wake up and have some reduced sodium cereal along with skim milk at breakfast, and at lunch, you have a salad, and all day long you drink nothing by water. Then by mid afternoon you will crash. And if you drink more water at that point to invigorate yourself, you could be over-hydrated. You could start making irrational decisions, like shopping at Whole Foods Market.

Now it cuts both ways, osmotic pressure. If you were to eat too much salt, your cells would shrivel. That is why you must remember that salt water does not chase away the thirsties. So if you are stuck at sea, do not drink the salt water. It’s deceptive. Drinking salt water makes you more dehydrated.

Over-hydration is bad, and being de-hydrated is bad.

Freedom Through Christ
Now some of you are pulling out your hair, wondering, “How can I tell? How can I tell if I am over-hydrated or under-hydrated?”

Guess what? God loves you. God has loved you since the beginning of creation. And He invented a way for you to know that your osmotic pressure is at equilibrium. You don’t even need to know what osmotic pressure is. You don’t even need to know about the cells in your body. This will work for an ignorant tribesman in the jungle, as well as for a rich, evil millionaire billionaire one-percenter on Wall Street.

If you are thirsty, drink water. If you are hungry, eat food.

Part of your taste buds are salt-receptive. Salt is the main ingredient that makes food taste good. If you’re hungry, your body is telling you that you need salt. Obey your hunger. That’s rule #3 of the Livet. If you’re thirsty, drink water.

It’s that easy! You don’t need to read an article in Reader’s Digest or in Muscle Fitness to know how much water to drink. Your body will tell you that. God has given you the innate ability to know how much water to drink. You do not need the United States government to warn you to drink water.

When you bow your knee to science, and you submit your own responsibility to the United States government, you are submitting to the bondage of ignorance. Because Christ has already given us freedom to live life more abundantly through Him. (Bible, page 701)

Do you want to experience true freedom to eat whatever you want? To drink water if you’re thirsty and to not drink water if you’re not thirsty? You have that freedom through Jesus Christ. Renounce the works of science. Repent of your sin, and give your heart to Jesus.

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