The Republicans are Obama’s Bitch

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Barack Obama has this novelty T-shirt. It’s pretty cute and really funny. On the back it says, “If you can read this, the Republicans fell off.”

Lol. Get it?

Just imagine Obama riding around Washington, D.C., on his Vespa. And the Republicans on the back riding bitch. Because that’s what they do. Republicans on Capitol Hill are Obama’s bitch.

Everywhere, all around the world, various entities make Obama their bitch. But in the whole world, there’s only one group of people who give in to Obama and take it. And that’s the Republicans.

Now, we’re getting into the psychology of sodomy here, which I really don’t understand. But I would imagine that if you are a man, and you play bitch too often, eventually you gotta want your own bitch.

And that’s how Obama must feel. As soon as he became President, he went around literally bending over for governments and world leaders all over the globe. He apologized, he bowed, he kissed rings, he groveled, he grew fuzzy little mustaches.

Why would he do this? Maybe he enjoys it? But beyond that, he does this because he wants to make the United States of America the world’s bitch. He wants us to bow down and take it from every major and minor player that’s out there.

Take, for example, Vladimir Putin. Obama signs a nuclear treaty giving up all these nuclear weapons and advanced technologies. No conditions. No verification. Just gives them up. And then he tells Putin indirectly, “Just wait. After the election, I’ll be even more flexible.” And this time he wasn’t lying. After the election, we see Obama with his ankles behind his ears.

You know, the one and only time that Obama tried to stand up to Putin was for the sake of homosexuals who want to compete in the Olympics. Now there’s a bold stand, Obama! That’s what America stands for, right? Gay sex.

When Obama returned from humiliating America, he walked up to the republicans and says, “wanna play ball?” And the republicans ran and got their catcher’s mitt.

Why does Obama dominate the republicans with such pain and humiliation? Because he hates god. And god is so far away that Obama can’t fight him. The republicans are just the closest thing to god he gets to lash out against.

How do I know Obama hates god? Because America hates god and Obama represents us. Sodomy is the affliction of those who hate god.

Some people right now are kind of disgusted at this post. They’re like, “Jimmy, this is awful.”

Yea, I know it’s awful how Obama’s trying to humiliate our country and make it feel pain.

And they’re like, “No, all these homosexual things. They’re really uncalled for and disgusting.”

Oh really. Do you think homosexuality is disgusting? Then why don’t we ban it? Why don’t we ban gay marriage if we think it’s disgusting?

If you celebrate gay marriage, then we should celebrate the fact that Republicans are bending over for Obama the same way that he bends over for the rest of the world. The Republicans and Obama are just gay married. Okay!?

I’m sorry that so many of you Christians want to ignore how deep seated and perverted the president, the democratic party and even America is. But once something becomes sexually perverted, the perversion spreads to all other aspects of life.

Pain, submission, and humiliation are inseparable parts of the gay life style. Obama inflicts that pain and humiliation on republicans and they just submit to it.

Right now some people are like, “Jimmy, this is over the line! I’m unfriending you.” Okay! Well thanks for proving my point! You’re angry at what I said about Obama. Not the republicans. And most of you vote republican. If you understand this, then you understand the politics of the last eight years.

Republicans would rather be Obama’s bitch than be called racist.

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  2. Wow, tough post, Jimmy! But sometime you have to be blunt to get the truth across! You have my vote, brother!

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