Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast

Last week at the National Prayer Breakfast, President Barack Obama told Christians to get off their high horse and stop judging Islam. Why? Because of the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition.

Many wonder how this supposed genius could spout such delusional malarkey. (excuse my language.)

Guys, the explanation is simple. Obama sympathizes, appeases, and allies himself with Islam, not because he believes in its tenets, but because they commonly despise the success of Christianity.

If President Obama wants to broadly summarize history, we can.

In the first century AD, the people of the Middle East lived in advanced, civilized societies. Meanwhile, in Europe outside of Rome, Barbarians lived like barbarians.

Then as the Good News of Jesus Christ spread across Europe, those Barbarians became Christians. Look at the West now. We eradicate diseases and feed ourselves to the point of obesity. When we wage war, it’s to free people and not oppress them. With such advanced technology and wealth, we put men on the moon in our spare time.

Speaking of moons, what can we say about the men who wave the crescent moon flag as they constantly wage war? How far have they advanced since the teachings of the Prophet Mohamed entered their collective mind?

Let me rephrase that. How far have the Arab people regressed since Islam? I don’t need to recount the failures of Islam. History does.

The past 20 centuries of human history prove that Christianity can take any nation, language, or culture and launch it toward unprecedented success. The teachings of Jesus Christ make men more like God in character.

Those same centuries prove that Islam can take any race of people, and turn them more animalistic, brutal, and irrational. The teachings of the Prophet Mohamed make men like dogs.

And how do Muslims feel about the systematic failure of Islam compared to Christianity? Jealous. How do they respond? The same way Cain did toward Abel. Murder.

That’s the logic of Cain. Rather than look to what made Abel successful, he kills Abel. The terrible news here is that our president also thinks with the logic of Cain.

To Obama religion is religion. It shouldn’t matter if your holy book is the Bible, Torah, or the Quran. He bows to the Dali Llama just like he would to the Prophet Mohamed, or Buddha, or L Ron Hubbard.

So with his mouth, Obama suppresses the truth of Christianity’s success by equivocally comparing it with Islam. By reminding the public of embarrassing events in Christian history, he hopes to validate the premise that all religions are the same.

But with his actions he tacitly admits Christians’ stunning success. To prove this look to Obamacare.

If Obama cares so much about the health of human beings, why did he hijack the world’s best healthcare system? Why didn’t he bring his expertise to Indonesia or Kenya where they need drastic systematic improvements?

It’s because America has hospitals such as Beth Israel Deaconess, New England Baptist, and New York Presbyterian. America has health insurance providers such as Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Do you notice the Christian names?

Where is the Blue Crescent Blue Scimitar healthcare provider in Muslim countries? Where is the Prophet Mohamed Memorial Children’s Hospital? There isn’t one. The inventors of algebra now study Anatomy and Physiology to chop off infidel’s hands, feet, and heads.

The irony is that President “You didn’t build that” needs a healthcare system built by Christians to plaster his name over.

To pay for his grandiose schemes to fundamentally transform our Christian society, Obama needs to skim money off the top of the Protestant work ethic. And how does he justify his confiscatory and punitive tax code? By the words of Jesus Christ. He quotes, “To him who has been given much, much more will be required.” (Luke 12:48)

If Obama wants to throw out examples of injustices committed in Jesus’s name, he can recount every single time he or John Kerry has quoted the Bible.

Obama jumped into America’s cockpit to lower its altitude. It’s not fair that we’re cruising through the stratosphere while Islam plods along the ground. Since he can’t get Islam to take flight, he’ll bring us down some.

Islam also wants to see America’s altitude lowered. But not just a few hundred feet. All the way down to zero. So when Obama pushes the stick forward, they’ll hold it there screaming Allahu Akbar as we crash in flames.

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