Obama And The Foley Funeral

A lot of people wonder why Obama didn’t send anyone over to Jim Foley’s funeral. I mean, he sent a whole phalanx of government representatives to Michael Brown’s funeral. But why not Jim Foley’s?

The epiphany hit me when I reread my last post, “#Isis and #Ferguson.” You should reread it too. It compares the injustice of Obama’s cause in both situations.

So why did Obama ignore Jim Foley? Was it because his funeral was in a Catholic Church? Certainly Obama’s ilk felt much more at home at the black mass held for Michael Brown than a Catholic Mass.

Now I know strictly speaking that funeral wasn’t a black mass like they have in Harvard University or Oklahoma City. But the event was a mass of blacks who weeped and gnashed their teeth because life is so unfair!

The blacks demand justice for Michael Brown. Alright, then. Let’s posmustholy charge the Mr. Brown with assault of a police office with intent to kill. That would be justice. But that’s not what they want!

The Blacks want Officer Darren Wilson punished. As the truth comes out, it looks like Officer Wilson was justified in his use of force, doesn’t it? Therefore what blacks want is Vengence, not justice.

Vengeance is what you want when you want to settle the score. And when do you want to settle the score? When something is unfair to you or your team.

You don’t mind when something is unfair in your favor. But when you or someone on your team gets treated in a way you don’t like, you retaliate.

Obama self-identifies as black. So when a member of his team, a black youth, was shot, it was time to rally the rest of the team to settle the score. That’s vengeance.

(Now, just a side note here. There are two truths you must admit. First, Michael Brown was not a kid. He was a man, just like Treyvon Martin. Second, Obama isn’t really that black. He certainly didn’t have a typical African-American experience growing up in Indonesia.)

So Obama sent his representatives to perpetuate the vengeful attitude in Ferguson, Missouri. His sense of fairness was violated because he identified himself with blacks.

But he did nothing substantial for Jim Foley because his sense of fairness was not violated. Why? Because he does not identify with Jim Foley.

What is Jim Foley? An American. Jim Foley is an American. President Barack Obama does not identify himself with Americans.

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