No Male nor Female. ORLY?

You know a lot of people read my “Women Keep Silent in Church” post. It didn’t really go over that well.

And some people came up to me and the were like, “Jimmy, don’t you know that the Bible says that, ‘There is no Jew nor Greek, male nor female, slave nor free, for Christ is in all.’ ?” (Bible, page 868)

Here’s the thing: that’s cultural. That passage is cultural. It only applies to Christians living in Galatia at that time. That passage doesn’t apply to Americans living now. And I really wish that people would stop reading that passage in church.

Let’s just take it apart.

There is no Jew or Greek. Oh really? Do you eat pizza? Have you ever been to Quincy House of Pizza? Plymouth House of Pizza? Pembroke House of Pizza? Boston House of Pizza? House of Pizza, that’s Greek. It should be called House of Greasa. That’s Greek.

Now, have you ever walked around New York and gone into a pizzeria, and asked for some pepperoni on the pizza? And they’re like, “No, we don’t do that.” And you look around and there’s no meat on the menu. That’s kosher. There’s a difference.

There is no slave nor free. Oh really? Cultural! That applies to Galatians, not Americans.

Have you ever filled out an application for college? There’s a box you can check. You can check a box that says that your skin color is the same skin color that a slave had in America. You don’t even have to be related to the slave, you don’t have to have ever been a slave. But if your skin color is the same, then you get special treatment.

And if your skin color is the same as a master’s skin color was, whether or not you’re related or whether or not you’ve ever owned a slave, you undergo injustice. You’re mistreated. Now the Bible says on page 742, “Vengeance is mine, says the Lord. I will repay.” But we are Americans say, “No, no, not this time, God. We’ll repay.”

It’s all about vengeance. So that verse doesn’t apply to Americans. It’s cultural.

There is no male nor female. Oh really? What, did science teach you that? There’s no difference between men and women? That verse doesn’t apply to Americans. There are what, 37 states that prohibit gay marriage. Gay marriage says that two men can marry, or two women can marry, but a majority of Americans say no. There’s a difference between men and women.

See, that whole passage is cultural.

So we’re going to have to conclude then that since the first part of the sentence is cultural and doesn’t apply to America, then the last part, “for Christ is in all,” doesn’t apply to America either.

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