Mummies had Heart Disease. I predicted this.

mummies had heart disease

Science said Yummy Mummy gave you heart disease. Now it says mummies had heart disease. (photo courtesy traci*s_retro)

“Atherosclerosis is thought to be a disease of modern human beings and related to contemporary lifestyles.”

This above quote begins a summary of the Horus Study, published in the Lancet Journal. In the Horus Study, a team of scientists CT scanned mummies’ hearts. These mummies were from long-ago ages and distant lands that did not have Burger King. They discovered that mummies had heart disease. I predicted this.

Atherosclerosis is heart disease, btw. It’s when the pipes to the heart get clogged. And I also want to point out that the mummies didn’t get heart disease. It was the people who while living got heart disease. Then when they died they became mummies. Mummies with Atherosclerosis.

How could I have predicted that? Because I insist science is a fallacy. I believe the highest source of wisdom and knowledge is God’s revelation, the Bible. In the Bible we have the ancient saints eating fat, salt, and cholesterol. And creator God condoned it.

But we live in a society that rejected God and propped up Science as the highest form of wisdom and knowledge. Not only that, but the science worshipers mocked those who follow God by faith.

When you reject God he gives you over to what you rejected him for and you ironically prove God’s wisdom.

So science started teaching us to avoid fatty food claiming it’s bad for you. People blindly followed this teaching by faith. What fools!

The whole idea that fat is bad for you is exactly why I say science is a fallacy.

What happened is that as American society greatly advanced last century, normal causes of death dropped precipitously, such as steam engine explosions and buffalo stampedes. But with those perils gone, men lived much longer. So the rates at which people died of heart disease rose.

To put it in Viking terms, the Valhalla-worthy deaths dropped. And the unravelling of the body from old-age deaths soared.

Men, prone to logical fallacies, looked at the number of heart disease deaths by blockage with fat, and mistook cause and correlation. They concluded that eating fat was to blame. Mistaking cause and correllation is a fallacy.

People went overboard blindly following science’s burdensome dietary regulations. Each year there was more and more health food. Each year more and more health problems.

Now, with the Horus Study we see that heart disease existed a long long time ago. This empirical evidence is staring at us in the face. Will we use objective reasoning to analyze it? I’m afraid too many willingly afflict themselves with ignorance, thus they are too delusional to admit they were wrong.

Now some people right now are like, “Jimmy, this scientific study could disprove the old misconceptions. It shows just how great science is and how we advance.”

So what science is the correct science? Is it now science. Can the science of yesterday stage a comeback? Or is it just the science of tomorrow that trumps the scientific truth of now?

Boy, I’m glad God is the same yesterday, today, and forever more. He doesn’t change. These so-called bronze age fairy tales have more food eating wisdom than science has ever had. You’ll want to like on facebook because I got a post coming up called, “The Margarine is Always Worse than the Butter.”

I salute all the team members of the Horus Study. I thank you for being intellectually curious and conducting this research as you did. I do not thank science.

The point here is not that Scientists were wrong about something. We are all wrong about stuff. I am the most often wrong. But when I am right I tend to make sure people around me know it.

The huge fallacy here is believing that there is a system of human thought that is not wrong nor never wrong and can in itself be called TRUTH. And that is what science purports to be. Yet, it is a mere system of human thought. It’s riddled with error as much or more than other human systems of thought.

Before God we are all dead wrong. Dead wrong about everything. We’re simple, pea brained idiots whose minds are riddled with fallacies and cognitive biases. One day we’re going to die. Some of us will somehow get mummified and future generations will inspect our remains and laugh and all the injury we caused our bodies by strictly abstaining from fat, salt, and cholesterol.

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    Biblical common sense on display – good article

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