Mormon Melchizedek

One day, a mysterious, unnamed tipster called into Harry Reid’s office. He informed the Senate leader that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney hadn’t paid taxes in a decade. When Mr. Reid pressed for more information to substantiate this scurrilous accusation he heard a dial tone. Welp, the only way Mr. Romney could refute this accusation was to release two decades’ worth of tax returns.

One day, I too got a phone call from a mysterious tipster. He claimed Mr. Romney is en route to becoming the Mormon Melchizedek. When Mr. Romney released his tax records we saw that he donated multiple millions of dollars each year to the Mormon church. Mr. Romney is an ordained Mormon bishop. And now he wants to be president. When I pressed for more information, I just heard an echo of my own voice. Probably because it was me calling myself like I always do.

Anyways, right now some people are like, “Jimmy, what is this Melchizedek thing you’re talking about?”

Well, okay. Melchizedek was a man of antiquity who held the office of Priest of the Most High and he concurrently held the title of King of Salem. He and men like him prove if a religion is true religion.

What religion is a true religion?

Seems like there are a bunch of religions going around today making preposterous claims. And who really has the time to excavate the Middle East (or upstate New York, as the case may be) to evaluate these claims. The best we normal, busy people are left with to evaluate a religion is the success of its adherents. Can you be more successful at life than a king? Can you represent your religion any more accurately than to be a priest of it?

No. That’s what makes Melchizedek and men like him powerful examples of their religion.

(This post discusses Melchizedek as described in the real Holy Bible. While conducting research, I discovered the Mormon Church hijacked the name Melchizedek for their own priestly order. Ironic, yes. There’s more about this in the upcoming post, “Uncanny is Ironic.”)


On page 12 of the Bible, we read that father Abraham tithed 10% of all his wealth to a guy named Melchizedek. This bro was a priest and a king. And Melky, as we’ll call him hereforward (no wait that could be blasphemous) anyways, he blessed Abraham. Both of these acts, the tithing to, and the bless from, indicate that Melchizedek was Abraham’s superior. Little else is said about the priest-king Melchizedek except for a prophetic psalm “You will be a priest forever in the order of Melchizedek.”

Then we learn later on in the Bible, Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of that prophecy. Jesus is a king, just like Melchizedek. And Jesus is a priest. In Melchizedek’s order. Not in the Levitical order ordained by Moses. No. These priests of Levitical order sacrificed lambs to atone for the sins of Israel. Jesus could not belong to that order. Why? Because Jesus is the Lamb. His blood once and for all atoned for the sins of man. He finally bridged the gap between man and God, which is what priests do.

A Priesthood of, at the Most, Two Men

How many men belong to the royal priestly order of Melchizedek? Well, there’s Melchizedek. Okay, that’s one. Then there’s Jesus. Two. But hold on. There are some Bible nerds who insist Melchizedek was in fact the pre-incarnate Jesus himself. (They call this a christophany.) If that’s the case there’s only one valid priest-king.

This is an important distinction. No other man was priest and king. Seems like Thomas Jefferson wasn’t the first to think up a separation of church and state. The Lord forbade Israel’s kings from acting as priests.

Saul tried to play the role of priest-king. He was the first king of Israel, anointed by the prophet Samuel. But Saul impatiently decided to present burnt offerings himself to the Lord before a battle. He was punished by having his line abolished from the throne. (Bible, page 351)

There are other examples of Israel’s kings usurping the role of priest who the Lord punishes. Go look for them yourself.

Why does God fiercely erect a wall between church and state? Here’s why. If a mere man attained the highest power of the land and also ministered to the nation’s heart through its religion, disaster would surely follow. He would succumb to temptation towards grasping at unprecedented and unchecked power over the people. The only man who could hold a priest-king office without exploiting his subjects is a perfect man. That one man is Jesus.

Almost Melchizedeks

The Bible tells the stories of several men who through wisdom and righteousness lead exemplary lives and rose to unprecedented levels of power in government. Though these men were de facto religious leaders, they did not concurrently hold official titles of government and religion. Their stories proved that the validity of their religion.

Joseph, one of Abraham’s descendants, was marked by God. He rose to the highest power in the land of Egypt. He didn’t have the authority of being king, being under Pharaoh, but he was the one making the judgments. He was the one who had the know-how and made the decisions. He had the foresight, which was given to him supernaturally, to see a famine coming. And God gave him the wisdom to prepare for this famine to the point where the power of Egypt was made to be the greatest in all the earth. But he didn’t compromise his religious ideals. That means his religion is a true, functioning religion.

Daniel is the only person in Scripture described as being beloved by God. Likewise, Daniel was a prophet. He interpreted dreams, and he ministered God’s religion to Israelites in exile. Yet he rose in the government to a cabinet post of King Nebucanzzar. His council survived the overthrow of Babylon by the Persians. There he served under King Darius. God gave him divine inspiration, and God gave him wisdom. His religion was proven as true when he did not compromise his religion while succeeding in life.

All the anointed kings of Israel lead the nation spiritually, but not as ordained ministers. King David, who was a man after God’s own heart, was as a king-psalmist. His son Solomon, a professor-king. But, it went all down hill from there. Kings of Israel, (and after the breakup of the kingdom, kings of Judah as well) failed to obey the Lord. Their subjects followed suit. And judgement came upon the land.

“A throne is established through righteousness.” –The Bible

The anointed Kings of Israel provide an example for America. When they sinned against God, so did the people. When they irradicated idols, the people repented. This correlation in America is even stronger and more irrefutable. We elect our leaders. We have no excuse for our moral decay or the corruption in the government.

“When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan.”The Bible

The corruption of President Barack Obama and the brood of vipers in our government makes respectable Americans cry out for deliverance. In a meeting with Mr. Obama, Patricia Smith wanted answers about the death of her son, Sean Smith, in Benghazi. Our leaders fed her obvious lies. She yearned on national television, “I want to know for God’s sake, or Allah’s sake, or for whoever’s sake is there,” about what actually happened.

Where is America’s Daniel to answer her? Where is America’s Joseph to establish order? Furthermore, our country is headed for a famine. Where are the wise to prepare for that famine? They are not here. Their religion is not practiced anymore.

True Religion for One Reality

Anyone can start a religion with bold claims and extravagant requirements if that religion is isolated from society. You could invent a religion that requires total abstinence form meat, total abstinence from sexual relations, and its adherents live in a hut out in the mountains. The faithful must meditate all day long, concentrating on extinguishing desires. That’s an easy religion to make up. But it will ultimately fail, because there’s no practical way to live that religion in the one reality of life. Yes, an individual can live out that religion. But for a society, it will fail.

A true religion is one that men can subscribe to and flourish under from one generation to the next. This says nothing about if the claims of the religion are true. Man is a herd animal. Man does not rationally evaluate the truth claims of a religion. Men cling to what works and grants them success.

If a man claims to represent a certain religion and he achieves success and he does not contradict the tenets of that religion, he provides a stronger testimony than any to that religion. If that man reaches the highest office of government and successfully executes the duties of that post, there is not much you can say against his religion if he abides by it faithfully.

How do you deal with evil?

This riddle keeps most religious men from positions of leadership. False religions break down when confronted with genuine evil. The evil that leaders face can be subtle, such as a dishonest subject, or extreme, such as an aggressive, warring enemy.

The smoldering rubble of America’s consulate in Benghazi and the blood stained walls of the compound mock the irreligious liberals who occupy the executive branch of our government. Our president could not confront evil. His religion, liberalism, sought to first to deny the existence of evil. Then to appease evil. Obama was more concerned that homosexuals were not discriminated against as security details in Libya than they successfully fend off an attack.

Does your religion provide a way to punish and even execute evildoers? Does your religion draw clear lines for sexual conduct? Can your religion foster a culture where people can live in peace? That is what America is looking for right now. Liberalism has failed.

Priesthood of True Believers

If you believe in Jesus and repent of your sin, you are saved by God’s grace. You are a member of the one and only true religion, Christianity, and act as priests of it. (Bible, page 762) How far can you, a Christian, move ahead in business or government before you hit a ceiling where you must compromise your religious beliefs to move upward?

Ah, trick question. That ceiling doesn’t exist. If you pretend it exists, then you disprove the truth of your religion.

This bothers some people. Right now they’re like, “Jimmy, you’re confusing us. First, you say Christianity is true. How can you say we disprove it?”

Persuasion is more powerful than proof. God proves God himself. The truth of Christianity is self-evident. We do not need to prove Christianity logically. Nobody cares about truth in that regard. We, the priests of the new covenant of faith, must obey God and follow his wisdom. The lives we live by God’s wisdom prove the truth to the herd of human beings around us in the only way they understand: success.

“Live such good lives among the pagans that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day he visits us.” – The Bible

If you claim to be a Christian, but you shy away from promotion in your company, because you think that in advancement, you would need to compromise the tenets of your Christian faith, then your Christian faith and your religion is worthless and impractical. For example, you can’t muster the will to fire an employee who deserves it because that seems so un-Christ-like. The religion that Jesus called us to, though He promised tribulation, and though He promised persecution, is one that is proven true, because in Jesus there is no lie.

America offers the opportunity for anyone to run for any office. Whoever wins the most votes takes the office. It is truly a representative government. If you think in your heart, “I would like to do that, but I would need to compromise my Christian faith,” then your Christian faith is worthless, and your religion is no good for real life.

Some people are like, “But Jimmy, I’d face persecution for my faith by running for office, whether that office is PTO treasurer or the President!”

Oh no, persecution? Not that! What are they going to do, throw you into the lions’ den like they did to Daniel? Are they going to throw you into a furnace like they did to Daniel? Are they going to throw you in jail like they did to Joseph? Are they going to hunt you down to try and kill you like they did to David? Are they going to test you with difficult trials like they did to Solomon?

You might need to pray.

The true religion of God is so powerful that even in the face of hostility from Satan and all of his minions, the religion of God is proven true. That is why God commands us to be bold and fearless, even to death, because there is nothing that can stand against God. There is no order in this world that has a more powerful wisdom than God’s wisdom.

Say Goodbye to your Lamp Stand, America

“Repent and do the things you did at first. If you do not repent, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place.” – Jesus

We American citizens, we who claim to be Christians, have shied away from leadership in government and leadership in business, until we’ve ceded our authority to be a lampstand of God. Yes, we are aliens and strangers in this land. But our land is a representative government. So aliens and strangers should proportionately fill the all the ranks of American government.

Right now, there is a man who is a bishop in the Mormon church, who has taken the opportunity to run against the most inept, corrupt president we have ever had. And I predict that Mitt Romney will win in a 50 state sweep. And his religion will have a more powerful testimony than the true religion of Jesus Christ, because we have ceded our opportunity to cling to our religion. We disobeyed God, whose word says, “But even if you should suffer for what is right, you are blessed. ‘Do not fear what they fear; do not be frightened.'” (Bible, page 650)

We feared, and we shied away. Our religion is not the true religion of Jesus when we don’t have the boldness to confront sin, and we don’t have the sexual purity to live out God’s Word.

About me

Some people right now are like, “Bold words about leadership, Jimmy. But do you back them up?”

Yes. Yes, I do. When the call went out for someone to become the president and CEO of, I answered with a resounding okay. I don’t take this position lightly. The other day I addressed the web development team and was like, “Honey, can you proof read this ‘Mormon Melchizedek’ post?”

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