Matters of Eating Don’t Matter

There are three great follies that afflict Christian America. Actually, there are four. Either way, a lot of people read the Three Great Follies post.

In the response to the first folly, ” ‘health’ ‘food,’ ” a lot of people were like, “Jimmy, the kingdom of heaven is not a matter of eating and drinking.”

I know what sentence in the Bible they’re referring to. It’s on page 812: “For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking but of righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.”

Now a lot of people say that to me, and I’m like, “Finally. Someone who gets it.”

And then they’re like, “No, no. You don’t get it. It’s not a matter of eating and drinking.”

And I’m like, “Yeah! That’s the whole point. You’re starting to understand.”

And then they’re like, “No, Jimmy, you don’t understand.”

And I’m like, “I don’t understand what I don’t understand.”

And they’re like, “You’re saying that health food is a great folly?”

And I’m like, “Yeah! Yeah it is!”

And they’re like, “But the kingdom of heaven is not a matter of eating and drinking.”

And I’m like, “Exactly.”

Page 812, and you should read it, says, “Accept him whose faith is weak, without passing judgment on disputable matters.”

So, stop telling me about health food at church. Stop telling me about heath food with posters all over the walls of my kids’ school, and every school. Go to your kids’ school and look at all the posters. When I was a kid, there were posters of dinosaurs telling me to read, and posters of George Washington. They’re gone! They’re replaced by pictures of health food. Health food this and health food that.

I know it’s an uphill battle, first off, communicating what I’m trying to communicate. Luckily, some people get it. It’s all about Jesus. That’s the point.

Jesus wants to redeem us. What is redemption? It’s like an empty bottle or can. In and of itself it’s worthless, just a piece of trash. But Jesus sees that bottle or can, and sees a nickel. And he takes you and puts you in a big bag with other empties, and He’s going to redeem you. He’s going to turn you into something valuable, a nickel. That’s redemption.

Health food is like, let’s try not to get picked up and put into the bag, let’s try to put something into that empty bottle or can to try to make it more valuable. You used to be filled with Coke? Let’s put Crystal Light in this empty bottle or can now.

That’s why health food is a folly.

The Bible has enough convicting things in it. Do you really need to add on top of that nagging things like health food?

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