Liberal Melchizedek

Some people are like, “Jimmy, you must feel stupid that you made that Mormon Melchizedek post last week then Romney lost.”

Uh, no. I don’t feel stupid. In fact, I feel wicked smart. The two main points of the post stand stronger. You’d do yourself a favor to understand them. First, the Bible’s wisdom is not an ideal that must be compromised to achieve success. The Bible’s wisdom is insanely practical and success is fleeting without it. This even applies to nations and their rulers.

Second, people don’t care about the validity of a religion’s truth claims. They only care about if it works. In light of that point, Barack Obama is the Liberal Melchizedek.

Some of you numbskulls may be tuning in late wondering who Melchizedek is. This figure of antiquity was both a priest and a king to whom Father Abraham tithed. (Genesis 14:18-20) The Bible identifies Jesus Christ as a priest in the order of Melchizedek. (Hebrews chapter 7) In the post just mentioned, I made the case that a governmental ruler who represents a religion well testifies stronger to that religion than anything.

Will Over Word

So a president of the United States must be a figurative king, right? Here’s the chilling part to the Liberal Melchizedek. Obama is now an actual king.

Do you English Majors remember foreshadowing? When Obama first took office, one of the first stands he took internationally was condemning as a coup the removal of Houndoras’s president Manuel Zelaya. The Hondouran constitution stipulates term limits, which Zelaya defied. Obama came down on Zelaya’s side. Do you think President Obama’s will is subject to the words of America’s constitution?

The Bible says a man is known by the company he keeps. Obama’s South American dictator pals show that our president doesn’t expect to go anywhere anytime soon.

Priest of Godlessness

A priest bridges the gap between God and man. Jesus Christ finally bridged the gap once and for all because he was all God and all man. So if Obama is a Liberal Melchizedek what gap is he bridging?

To understand that, you need to understand liberals. The Bible doesn’t use the label “liberal” like we do. Instead it uses the word “fool.”

“The fool says in his heart there is no God. Their deeds are corrupt and vile.” – Bible, Psalm 14

When you deny God’s wisdom, he gives you over to your own foolish delusion. Liberals, who deny God’s existence, hope to change the world. They want to rid the world of the awful things in it: war, violence, pollution, poverty, gender inequality, racism, etc.

God gives us wisdom to deal with these bad things. Liberals believe they can eliminate them. This delusion is the ironic head bonk of rejecting God. (explained in a forthcoming post.)

To the Godless liberal, Barack Obama bridges the gap between our problem plagued world and the future problem free world. That’s why America cheered when, in his 2008 Democratic nomination acceptance speech, Obama said the ocean level would subside. (full text here, it’s in the last paragraph) That’s why the Nobel prize committee voted to award him a Peace Prize before he took office. We voted for a man based solely on the color of his skin to prove that the color of a man’s skin does not matter.

American president Barack Obama embodies the hope of the Godless liberal to bridge the gap to utopia. They willingly subjugate their own freedom to him. He is America’s king.

I need to stop here or I will run foul of the Bible which commands us “to slander no one, to be peaceable and considerate, and to show true humility toward all men.” (Bible, Titus 3:2) Don’t read this as a condemnation of our president. My hope is that this is a rebuke for Americans who’ve lost their mind by denying God. We live in a representative government, after all. I hope that we Americans and our leaders turn our hearts to Jesus.

Does it Work?

Liberalism always has a moment when everything crashes down around them. This is because when reality hits, it hits hard. Reality ruins ideals. That’s why God, the author of a perfect reality, can prescribe realistic wisdom to us, who ruined reality with sin.

Benghazi should have been the wake up call for America. Who assigns a homosexual American ambassador to the most violent area of the world, in a compound with inadequate security, and unarmed guards? A liberal who believes that good will and diplomacy can smooth over tensions with warring enemies.

Yet America chose to reelect this liberal. Why? Because of willful ignorance fattened by welfare.

Are the truth claims of the liberal system valid? It doesn’t matter. In the undiscerning mind of an average American, it just works. There is food stamp food on the table. There are EBT card cigarettes in the shirt pocket. 99 weeks of unemployment for the lazy. Obamacare for the worst fears of life. Social Security for the future. Free condoms wrapped on the irresponsible penis. Federally subsidized student loans to further these noble idealistic pursuits.

Who needs to deal with a crude reality? If we’re well fed and entertained we don’t. Oh, and also if we don’t acknowledge the future crash and ignore the world around us.

I should probably tie in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. But I won’t, because if I do, my high school English teachers will have won. But I’ll mention it so it shows up on google search results.

No, it doesn’t work.

The Prodigal Son did not return to his fathers house until he felt the pangs of hunger. America will not return to the Bible’s wisdom until it feels the pain from rejecting God. But a good priest of the Godless liberal religion will keep us well fed and entertained over the fiscal cliff — and beyond.

“He who remains stiff necked after many rebukes will be destroyed without remedy.” – Bible, Proverbs 29:1

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