John Kerry Says we are not at War with ISIS. I PREDICTED THIS!

John Kerry said today we are not at war with ISIS. What can I say except I predicted this!

The Secretary of State and the President are both godless liberals. They do not believe that man is evil. What’s evil to liberals is war.

As I said before, in a war against war, war wins. And that’s what we’re seeing in Iraq.

Since John Kerry and Barack Obama made every effort to retreat from battle, evil men (who they refuse to acknowledge as evil) kill and pillage without opposition. Since the godless duo spent all their energy to avoid any military action in Iraq, now the situation has escalated out of control.

#Kerry and Obama waged war against war, thus war won.

War is the reality of this world. You cannot avoid war. When you try to avoid war it comes on stronger.

There are only two only two things about war which you can control. First, if you will win. Second, if your victory will be just.

John Kerry is from Massachusetts like me. Our state’s motto is this: “By the sword we seek peace, but only peace with liberty.”

There is no better example of a just cause for war than to destroy ISIS. Their job according to holy scripture is to bear the sword “to carry out God’s wrath on the wrong doer.” (Romans 13:4)

##That’s God’s standard of justice!

But Kerry’s standard is not justice. It’s fairness. The crime in Iraq is not ISIS beheading Christian children. The crime is that Islam gets a bad reputation. It’s unfair that Christianity is superior to Islam.

So when the rest of the world sees the carnage and the blood poured out in the streets of Iraq, John “Live-shot” Kerry finds the nearest news camera to reprimand America for getting into a “war frenzy.”

We need to respect the cultural sensitivities of the prophet Mohamed’s followers!

##There is no peace in Iraq because we refuse to wage war for justice.

The fact that war itself is underway in Iraq doesn’t bother Kerry or Obama. Just as long as the responsibility of waging war doesn’t fall to them. As liberals they can’t stand risk. They don’t want to risk casualties that can be blamed on them.

So that is why Kerry will not call our actions “war.” Once it’s called war, all the blame falls on them.

It’s a “counter-terrorism operation” of which they are merely members of a coalition. This group is who you can blame for casualties. This is the logic of senators: Make a group large enough to spread the blame around so no one in particular is responsible.

Finally, when military action is unavoidable, they still avoid blame and responsibility by only committing to airstrikes. Our Air Force is so powerful the risk of casualties is low.

I asked before. What happens when ISIS gets fighter jets?

I predicted Obama’s goal was to avoid war, which is why he claimed to have no strategy. He doest have a strategy to avoid war.

And now as Kerry is quibbling over the definition of war, we see the liberals refuse to acknowledge reality and instead they plunge themselves further into delusion.

What we’re seeing in Iraq is reality crash the peacenik delusion of America’s ungodly liberals.

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