#Isis And #Ferguson

Good news, guys. We don’t need to send military forces into Iraq because all the refuges fleeing ISIS have fled into neighboring countries. Or they have been killed. But if they’re dead, then we don’t need to save them!

That’s the gist of the press conference President Barack Obama gave last week on why the coward won’t act on behalf of Justice and stop the conquest of Iraq by ISIS.

Before we got a chance to mull over the inanity of Obama’s cowardly logic, he segued into an angry rant about the police shooting in Ferguson, Missouri. Why did he do that? What connection is there in reality or his mind between ISIS and Ferguson?

Obama’s conscious reason for mentioning Ferguson is to draw international attention to the event.

All the world has been watching with trepidation as ISIS gained power in Iraq through Obama’s surrender. And as much as foreigners hate to admit it, they need the hegemony of American firepower to keep them safe. So they secretly hoped that America would do its job and police the world according to the standard of Justice.

Unfortunately for people who like their heads connected to their bodies, Obama claimed no action was needed. Why? Because it wasn’t as bad as it could be.

Fortunately for Obama the whole world was watching. So he seized the opportunity to open his mouth and breath out lies in order to sow discord among Americans. His deciet cloaked an inner desire that black hands would shed innocent whites’ blood.

His wicked heart schemed that in the chaos caused by racial strife, he could gain power. He has been waiting on the golf course for just this opportunity.

“We Got One!” Valerie Jarrett yells like Janine from Ghostbusters. And Obama’s feet were quick to rush to evil.

Since he gains power by racial strife, he magnifies that power by attracting the world’s attention. You see, the coward can’t stand by principles such as justice. He’s a scoundrel who hides behind the accusation of racism.

So as accusations of racism fly through the air like withering fire on the battle field, he uses that as cover fire, to plunder the authority and power that does not belonging to him.

Hey world, look at Ferguson, not ISIS.

The myth of an innocent black youth victimized by a racist cop makes sense to foreigners. The only things they know about American life come from through three sources: Hollywood, the NBA, and rap music. Notice a common theme?

The French are like, “Bonjour Jaques, did you hear about les nigérs in le USA rioting?”

“Oui, Jean Luc. America did not learn it’s lesson from le movie Green Mile.

The Germans are like, “Gustaf, did you know President Obama spoke of blacks burning down the shops?”

“Ja, Hans, ja! The Policemen probobly cut off the black boy’s Kinder Eggs like in ze movie Mississippi Burning.

Racism normally puts Americans into a defensive position. But with international attention, authority figures in Missouri will be more likely to make back room deals with black blackmailers such as Eric Holder just to make the problem, “go away.”

The wicked accepts a bribe in secret to pervert the ways of justice.

Proverbs 17:23

The standard by which Obama rules is not justice. It is fairness. The cause of fairness requires the perversion of justice and the suppression of truth.

So when international agencies scrutinize our policing tactics for human rights violations, that helps Obama’s cause. It’s only fair we submit to the United Nations.

Never mind the fact we created the United Nations to plausibly mettle in other counties’ affairs. Now it’s our turn to have our dirty laundry inspected. That’s what’s fair!

And our enemies pile on, mockingly admonishing us not to violate human rights. Obama snickers along with them.

Do you see the subconscious connection between ISIS and Furgeson? Injustice.

Justice demands we act in Iraq, but Obama says we won’t. Justice demands we wait for the truth in Ferguson then act accordingly. Obama demands we act immediately to punish white cops.

Injustice is the common theme in all of Obama’s actions. Vengeance is his goal. Since ISIS did nothing against him personally or any group he identifies with, he takes no action.

Since that press conference I mentioned, an unarmed American was killed by some Muslim cops. His name was Jim Foley. I recommend that Obama send Eric Holder over there to convene a grand jury to investigate. Meanwhile let us go down there and loot some Syrian convenience stores!

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